#Flicker Hashtag Trending on Twitter

Why is the #flicker hashtag trending on Twitter?  The former One Direction star Naill Horan is celebrating a NO. 1 solo album in the Billboard 200 Chart entitled Flicker.  With Flicker Naill Horan is also NO. 1 on the US TOP 40 Airplay single with the release of the track “Slow Hands”.  Naill Horan has also taken the top spot in many countries on the iTunes charts.

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This is great news for fans of One Direction and Naill Horan as he is set to begin his U.S. tour and world tour in 2018. Naiil Horan and the members of One Direction are in unique company.  Three of the members of One Direction have a No. 1 hit. This ties the record set by the members of the Beatles.

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