Follow The Hunger Games Actors and Fan Sites Tweets On Twitter

The first installment of The Hunger Games movie series is on its way early next year. Promising to be a popular franchise compared to the likes of Twilight and Harry Potter The Hunger Games fans and actors have taken to social media and Twitter to promote the first movie.

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Here is a compilation of fan and actor Twitter accounts that are tweeting daily about The Hunger Games.

@hungergamesnet: the official Twitter account of with over 11,300 followers and over 1,800 tweets. Tweeting articles daily about the filming of the hunger games. The latest tweet has an article about the filming for the first movie already done.


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@MyHungerGames: the official Twitter account of with almost 4,000 followers and 1,300 tweets to date. Tweets about all the latest news on the upcoming Hunger Games movie and books. Recent tweets include links to the website’s blog posts and other articles.


@HungerGames: the official Twitter account of the HugerGamesrpg (Roll Playing Games) with over 3,100 followers and 1,600 tweets.  The HungerGames Twitter profile bio reads “The first and largest Hunger Games text-based RPG bringing Hunger Games news around Twitter

This is a must follow site for fans of the Hunger Games books and upcoming feature films. Some of their latest tweets include links to podcast fireside chat episodes which discuss the latest movie news including the directing, photos from the set, actor news, the new release date of the sequel “The Catching Fire”, music and movie soundtracks, and more.You can follow the latest Hunger Games pod-casts as they are tweeted from this account under the hashtag #HGfiresidechat

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@HGTfansite: the official Twitter account of a large fan site of ‘The Hunger Games trilogy” with over 2,500 followers and 1,100 tweets to date. Lots of movie news and updates including links to articles, photos, and more. The latest tweet links to a casting call for extras in the filming of the movie. Want to be a part of the Hunger Games movie?


@JSLawrencefans: Jennifer Lawrence who will be portraying Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games trilogy. Does Jennifer Lawrence have a Twitter account? It appears she does not as of yet have an official Twitter account. But here you have the next best thing, a Lawrence fan Twitter account with over 3,300 followers and over 500 tweets to date. @JSLawrencefans tweets about all the latest news, appearances, personal and movie set photos and more.

@jhutch1992: the official verified Twitter account of Josh Hutcherson with over 74,000 followers.  Pretty much tweeting about the upcoming movie almost daily.

@ElizabethBanks: the official verified Twitter account of Elizabeth Banks (Effie) with over 514,000 followers and 1,400 tweets to date.  Tweeting about the Hunger Games using the embedded hashtag #hungergames.

@amandlastenberg: the official verified Twitter account of Amanda Stenberg with over 4,900 followers and 260 tweets to date. Latest tweets from this up and coming young actress who plays Rue in the film.

@lennykravitz: the official verified Twitter account of Lenny Kratitz who will portray Cinna in the up and coming Hunger Games movie with almost 2,500,000 followers and almost 700 tweets to date.


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