Follow the #SolarEclipse Hashtag on Twitter

The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will most surely light up Twitter while parts of the world sit briefly in darkness. Enjoy all the latest relevant tweets and related hashtags on Twitter by following the #solareclipse hashtag.  You can enjoy solar eclipse tweets with comments, photos, images, and news.

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The solareclipse (solar eclipse) Twitter hashtag has the latest real time tweets coming in by the seconds. Check out the latest tweets with links to articles, viewing parties, science facts and information, people’s viewing experiences and observations, merchandise and lots more.

Interested in videos? If so, follow the #solareclipse video hashtag on Twitter. Enjoy lots of short videos on animations and short scientific explanations of the total solar eclipse including the science of angles and math and illustrations of the path of the totality.

Follow the solar eclipse photos #solareclipse photo hashtag.  Photos show lots of details covering almost every aspect of the solar eclipse.

Looking for the latest news on the solar eclipse? Then follow the #solareclipse news hashtag.

Finally, to really enjoy preparing for your total solar eclipse experience on Twitter follow the solar eclipse hashtag Tops tweets. People from all parts of society are tweeting in on events planned around this spectacular event.

Have fun and get your Twitter app opened up to the #solareclipse hashtag and start following this hashtag now.

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