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Top Real Estate Twitter Accounts



Real Estate.Agency

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1. @RealEstatedotA: follow the new kid on the block (no pun intended) with the official Twitter account of, aka RE.A, as it debuts as one of the new gTLD (generic top-level domain names) domain extension real estate sites on the Internet (notice the dot agency extension?). RealEstate.Agency is prepared to become the next generation in online real estate buying and selling.

Tweets have links to blog articles posted on their own website, RealEstate.Agency, which keep up to date with the latest in cutting edge industry technology and social media developments that can help home and property buyers, sellers, real estate agents and investors make the best decisions in dealing with a variety of real estate issues.

This site is brand new, but there is already a basic home and property listing feed on there and an active blog.  RealEstate.Agency will develop rapidly over the next several months and will be building a directory of new real estate websites that are using the new real estate gTLD extentions like .realestate, .realty, .realtor, .property, and .properties.

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 The RealEstate.Agency official website

Read the introductory RealEstate.Agency blog post here:

Welcome to RealEstate.Agency! The Exciting Future of Real Estate is Here.


MSN Real Estate Twitter


2. @MSNRealEstate: get home and rental listings from one of the leaders in this arena. @MSNRealEstate have over 94,000 followers and 5,000 tweets to the date of this post. Tweets contain links to articles posted on their MSN real estate site; articles covering a variety of topics including the latest real estate news, home buying tweet tips, property investing, mortgage and finance news including daily mortgage rate tweets, latest trends, light entertainment related to real estate, future trends, and best places to live and lots more.


Real Estate Global

3. @RealEstate_: this global network real estate Twitter feed has over 67,000 followers and over 11,000 tweets to date. This is an active Twitter feed with tweets that follow the industry across a social platform similar to LinkedIn and Facebook. There are lots of good informative tweets linked to articles on buying and selling of homes and property tweets. 


Wall Street Journal Twitter

4. @WSJRealEstate: The Wall Street Journal’s verified Twitter account with over 136,000 followers to date. Tweets several times a day with articles linked to national, regional and local real estate stories that are trending in the news. The Wall Street Journal also tweets the occasional lighter real estate related story here and there. This is an informative and even entertaining Twitter feed.

5. @nytrealestate: you can’t have The Wall Street Journal without a mention of the New York Times. This is New York Times Twitter feed with over 67,000 followers to date. The New York real estate market Twitter is a behemoth unto itself and deserves it’s own Twitter feed. Tweets link to articles posted on the Times website covering the ins and outs of the competitive New York real estate scene.

6. @REALTORS: this is the official verified Twitter account of with over 135,0oo followers to date and over 10,000 tweets. Get tweets with links to articles posted on the National Association of Realtors website.

7. @Zillow: one of the premiere online real estate listing Twitter feed Zillow has over 174,000 followers to date. Tweets take advantage of the latest changes in Twitter as their tweets advertise homes for sale, remoldeling photos and images along with links to articles on home buying and selling tips. The articles on Zillow are top-notch and are a great resource for anyone looking to buy or sell a home or improve their home for future sale or just for home improvements.

8. @trulia: another premiere real estate listing site’s Twitter feed Trulia has over 84,000 followers. Trulia’s Twitter feed has stimulating and entertaining articles on buying and selling homes or property.