Follow Twitter Stock IPO Hashtags and Reaction Tweets on Twitter

While the actual sale of  Twitter stock to the public is still months away (this post was written in early October of 2013) there is still enough information being tweeted everyday about Twitter stock IPO hashtags on Twitter itself.

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Follow all the real time information before, during and after Twitter stock hits the stock market by following all these relevant hashtags and Twitter sites right now.


Relevant Twitter IPO Hashtags:


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#twitteripo hashtag


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#twtr  follow the Twitter’s stock symbol with the #TWTR hashtag






Twitter Sites to follow as Twitter hits the IPO market and begins trading publicly.

@twitter: Twitter’s very own verified Twitter account page with over 24,000,000 followers. Their most recent tweets discusses the S-1 filing on October 3rd, 2013.  Here is Twitter’s S-1 filing tweet:



Get the latest Twitter stock news from these top financial Twitter pages:

@CNNMoney: one of the top finance and business Twitter accounts with almost 588,000 followers and 48,000 tweets. This is a must follow for all the latest market reaction to Twitter’s IPO stock price and movement throughout the week of its opening day.  This Twitter feed will tweet hourly updates on how Twitter stock is moving and what highs and lows the stock hit throughout the day.

@MarketWatch: the official Twitter account of with over 829,0000 followers and almost 53,000 tweetsMarketWatch will be tweeting all week about Twitter’s stock.  Most of their tweets link back to articles to their website.


@BloombergNow: the official verified Twitter account of business and financial news website with over 260,000 followers and 20,000 tweets.  Bloombergnow will be heavily tweeting on Twitter’s IPO opening day public stock trading debut.


@Forbes: the official verified Twitter account of with almost 2 million followers and 42,000 tweets to date. Forbes tweets a variety of information including market news, daily individual stock ticker news, personal investor advice and tips, daily market wrap-up, and more. Forbes will be all over Twitter’s IPO and stock trading trends. This is a must follow Twitter page for tracking Twitter’s stock price with real time update tweets.


@stockstobuy: this is the official Twitter page of with over 100,000 tweets relating to the latest company stock prices. This page is tweeting a lot throughout the day.


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