Follow World Cup Final Twitter Reaction Germany vs Argentina, Klose, Messi Hashtags and Tweets

July 13th, 2014

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As Germany and Argentina square off today in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup final match Twitter will be following right along.

Germany brings into the 2014 finals match an attacking style of football that relies on aggressive play, creativity and pinpoint passing near the goal. The Germans will be pushing and attacking at a relentless pace as their propensity to score goals in bunches was on fill display with their trouncing of Brazil in the semi-finals.

Twitter loves to follow player hashtags and many on Twitter will surely be following Messi hashtags and Klose hashtags. The two most prominent and high octane players in the 2014 World Cup finals.

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The Argentina squad will showcase a more deliberate style of attack, a more opportunistic approach that will rely on Messi receiving a lot of attention from the German defenders which will lead to spacing issues for them. This undoubtedly will open up the field for other attackers to perhaps score on an assist from Messi as he so wonderfully managed against the Netherlands in the semis, that is if the Germans take the bait. If Messi wins the World Cup that would cap off an unbelievable career and Twitter will react accordingly.

However, the Germans can’t be fooled into thinking Messi will be in a passing mood on Sunday. It is quite possible he lifts his team on his shoulders and becomes the primary attacker and scorer. One goal by Messi could rally his team and build their confidence.

On the German side Klose would love to add to his record setting 16 World Cup goals with number 17. Klose loves to score near the goal, but Argentina’s goal defense is a lot stronger than Brazil. Look for the Germans to try to score on a breakout caused by a bad offensive possession by the Argentinians.

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Following the Germany vs Argentina World Cup finals match on Twitter while the game is being played is the way to go. Here are many popular Germany vs Argentina hashtags and tweets  that will no doubt be trending on Sunday:

#worldcup WorldCup hashtags

#messi Messi tweets and hashtags