General Things and Items For Sale Hashtags Linked To Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

Are you looking to buy a car, TV, boat or even a house? Yes, you can always look the old fashion way through the newspaper classifieds or any local listing newspapers or pamphlets listing things or items for sale.

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Yes, also true, you can use Craig’s List or Ebay to do local searches of these items in your area for sale.

But there is yet another way to look for these things and its growing at an accelerating pace. Buying things for sale by searching for its hashtag.

So how do you find things for sale on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus?

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Sellers on sites like Twitter and now Facebook are using these “#forsale” hashtags at the end of their tweets on Twitter, status updates or comments on Facebook and Google Plus, and tagging them to pictures of items for sale on Instagram and Pinterest. Some are even uploading videos for the bigger items on YouTube.

Basically, social networks as a whole are like one big classified site. Items are listed for sale are tagged with various hashtags but usually opt for the standard wording, something like “#carforsale”.

Click on any of the “for sale” hashtags below and go directly to Tweeting’s partner site HashtagGuide.

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Each hashtag below is linked to the HashtagGuide site where you can follow what people are tweeting, posting, and commenting on as it relates to the Items For Sale  in real time on all the major social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

All hashtag links are on one HashtagGuide page to make these searches easy and convenient for you. Type in the search terms like for sale in the search box at the top and get the entire list of relevant hashtags on one page.

Give it a try and see what sellers are selling. Get links to important tweets, status posts,  comments with articles, news, updates, pictures, and videos tagged with these popular for sale hashtags: