Get The Latest Justin Bieber Chrome Theme Updates On Twitter

Having Justin Bieber promoting your product is a no-brainer marketing strategy. The June 28th, 2011 launch of the Justin Bieber Google Chrome video which shows how Bieber used the Chrome tools to achieve major success is already a YouTube hit with now over 717,00o pageviews.

Bieber’s tenacity in performing, filming and uploading YouTube videos  promoting himself at such a young age is becoming legendary among followers and fanatics of viral videos. Many, most recently Rebecca Black, are trying to capture the same lightning in a bottle. This is no easy task and is why Google is honoring Bieber’s hard work and success by dedicating and releasing his own Chrome theme.  Sorry, there is no Rebecca Black Google Chrome theme at this time.

Most people probably didn’t  know that Google Chrome has a Twitter account. Here, you can get the latest Justin Bieber Chrome Theme updates on Twitter. Chrome is becoming a popular web browser and themes are continuously being introduced. It might be wise to follow the google chrome on Twitter for tweets relating to this incredible, reliable browser.

@googlechrome is the official verified Twitter account of Google Chrome with over 82,000 followers and 300 tweets. @Googlechrome tweets daily news and updates about the Chrome browser.  Latest tweets include a preview of Gmail’s new look, new Chrome web store games and the new Justin Bieber Chrome theme.

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If your wondering where can I download the Justin Bieber Chrome theme you need to visit the Google Chrome Web Store to download and install the new Bieber chrome theme.

There is also no better way to monitor the reviews of the Google Chrome browser than checking out the #googlechrome hashtag on Twitter. Reviews look good and look out for the occasional Justin Bieber Chrome theme review thrown into the tweet stream.

I’ve also been monitoring the #justinbieber hashtag on Twitter and see that people are tweeting every so often that they just downloaded the Justin Bieber chrome theme.

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Don’t forget you can also type in Justin Bieber Chrome right into the search bar on Twitter to get a list of  tweets that have these keywords in there, but not particularly tagged or grouped for any special purpose. People are tweeting out that they seem to love the theme. Could be worth the download.