Global Terror Alert Reaction on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

This weekend’s global terror alert sent shock waves throughout much of the Western world.  Over twenty United States embassies in places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen have been temporarily closed and evacuated. Buy why such a shut down on a massive scale?

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Earlier today the U.S. government announced they had intercepted messages for Al Qaeda operatives working in the region that suggested that planned terrorist attacks were in the works.

The sudden news of these embassy shutdowns has generated a lot of chatter behind various Terror and Al Qaeda related hashtags.

While there are some general Muslim related hashtags below like the Karan or Ramadan, these have been tagged to many tweets and posts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook over the past couple of days.

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an important hashtag that is trending as Al Qaeda messages have been intercepted


the group is still plotting attacks against Western interests in parts of the Arabian Peninsula



another hot zone area


these are being shut down over the weekend in many places




the Holy Holiday could lead to an increasein martyrs










another hot zone area






if there are any attacks this hashtag will no doubtfully be tagged.