Guide To Sharing Food With The New Foodspotting Facebook Timeline App

A couple of days ago Facebook announced a quicker Timeline transition plan than previously planned for their non-brand, personal users. Everyone is expected to be completely switched over to Timeline in a few weeks (by February sometime).  Yes, the new Timeline is replacing your old profile page forever. Facebook earlier last week announced the switch to Timeline will become mandatory and permanent to all Facebook non-brand users.

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Coincidentally, to coincide with this drastic change , Facebook has recently been ratcheting  up their Timeline apps to make this transition as enticing as possible. In fact one of the main reasons for this switch is the integration of a slew of Timeline specific apps. On their blog this week they announced a list of apps that you can integrate into your Timeline that should greatly enhance your experience and sharing abilities with your family and friends.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging about each one of these exciting new Facebook Timeline apps on the Tweeting blog.

Today’s featured Facebook Timeline app-Foodspotting


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So what exactly is Foodspotting and how does it work with the new Timeline? Basically, Foodspotting is a way to share dining and food experiences with your friends and followers.

Foodspotting has been around for a while but has recently teamed up with Facebook to take advantage of the ease and real time updating of the new Facebook Timeline.

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Foodspotting goes a step further than previous restaurant and dining out check in and review app services. Foodspotting’s purpose is to make the pleasure of eating more authentic by sharing in real time specific dishes that people are enjoying with mouth watering pictures and descriptions. Spotters take pictures of food dishes and drinks, then rate them with a simple rating system and finally post these photos with descriptions of the foods and addresses of restaurants or other establishments to your foodspotting account merged with your Facebook or other social media account.

Friends and followers can see what dishes are good and what the local restaurant or other dining establishment is located. Foodspotting’s purpose is to make this an enticing and fun way to find and enjoy good food and drink almost anywhere around the world by using the power of people sharing. You can connect Foodspotting with the following social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, flickr, Foursquare and Instagram.

You can now merge your Facebook Timeline account directly with your new Foodspotting account with this app and start sharing status updates about your food experiences in real time.

Once you log into Facebook from the Foodspotting website you will have to set up your account or profile.  First you’ll have to customize your experiences by completing  information in several categories.  First, you will have to set up your location either by city or zip. Then you will be prompted to fill out 3 favorite foods to follow: something sweet, savory and drink. You will then be prompted to follow places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can chose to follow your favorite people as well. Once you confirm your sharing settings you can go straight to your dashboard and start enjoying some real time food sharing.


You can go Explore using the Foodspotting interactive map which will bring up food sharing events in your local area. Just type in your zip and see who and where food sharing is happening. Just hover over the small picture icon of the food or drink and see the dish, place, address and spotted by and time of upload.

One of the best features of Foodspotting is the Guides.  At the top of your dashboard is the Guide button. Click on this to get instant access to food guides to follow broken down by type, city or publisher. Click on the New York Guides for example and you see over 250 food specific guides. You can follow guides like best pizza’s in New York, Gluten-Free New York, Top 10 Huevos Rancheros, NYC’s Top Salads, and Best of Food New York. The lists go on and on. Of course you can always create your own location based guide.

Clicking on a specific city guide will bring up a map of the city with red location marker icons for each mentioned establishement in the guide. Hovering over the marker will bring up the name of the food, place and address. Scroll on down the page and you’ll see the list with food pictures, descriptions and the address. You can vote up foods, or “Nom it!”,  that you like on the food listed. If you like the list click on the green “follow” button.

There are 100’s of Foodspotting Guides to enjoy so take a look in or near your local area to see what’s out there. If your going on a trip to a specific destination these guides can come in handy. I’ve looked through many of them and they are quite informative. I can see myself easily making a menu choice based on just the picture alone.


Foodspotters can complete guides, participate in scavenger hunts and other challenges to win prizes and recognition. You can become an expert of a particular food by spotting five or more foods of the same type.  You can build your reputation by earning virtual tips along the way.

Be sure to download the Foodspotting apps for the iphone, Android, Windows phone, and Blackberry.   

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