Happy Birthday Tweets and Hashtags on Twitter and Facebook

Facebook and Twitter have made it even easier to enjoy the celebration of your birthday. Many friends and family members love to tag their tweets, status updates, comments, posts, pictures and videos with all the various Happy Birthday hashtags.

Below you will find a sampling of several names including the month of August and dates that are associated with a birthday hashtag.

Each hashtag listed below is linked to the HashtagGuide site where you can follow everything that people are tweeting, posting, and commenting on as it relates to Happy Birthdays and the calendar month of August in real time on all the major social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

To get started click on any hashtag listed below and go directly to Tweeting’s new partner site the HashtagGuide.

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All hashtag links listed below are on one HashtagGuide page to make these searches relatively easy and convenient for you. Be sure to check all the links to get a comprehensive look at how people are using Happy Birthday and the month of August hashtags on these popular social network sites.