HeartThrobs, Cute Guys and Handsome Men Facebook Cover Websites Your Timeline

The allure of the physical attributes of the male, particularly the male face has evolved significantly in recent years. It seems a more softer, feminine quality in the face with less rugged symmetrical features and a more innocent gaze are increasingly desired by today’s women.

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This is not to say that women are shunning the more masculine Clint Eastwood type faces. They are instead looking for more of a compromise between the two; a confident but delicate face with some enigmatic qualities.

I’ve listed 5 Facebook Cover websites that feature great examples of these type of men and faces. They are specifically designed for the your personal Timeline Cover. All these images are free to download to your computer or upload using the website’s special apps.

Call them heartThrobs, hunks, studs, handsome or just cute guys these famous actors and celebtrities are featured in various poses and face shots.

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1. HerCovers: the logical place for heartThrobs, cute and good looking  handsome guys HerCovers has 43 Facebook Heartthrobs Covers. You can’t go wrong with this group of lookers:Zac Efron, Jonny Depp, Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Shia LaBeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Rudd, Usher, Enrique Iglesias, The Vampire Diaries, Markie Mark, and Orlando Bloom. Just click on the image of your choice, then right click and save to your computer. You can also click on the “Add Banner to Your Facebook” button to have the app load the Cover straight to your Timeline.

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Twilight Team Edward, Team Jake or Team Bieber (just kiddin) Covers


2. facebookcoverspics: there are 38 handsome men or guys with some cool face shots. Some male celebrities include George Clooney, Gerald Butler, Chris Evans, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, John Mayer, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Tom Cruise, and Leonardo Dicaprio. Just right click and save the image to your computer.

3. freewebcovers: another nice category with 53 male actors in various poses and face shots. There’s Jonny Depp,  Zac Efron, Patrick Dempsey, Tom Welling, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Josh Hartnett, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper,  Shia Labeouf, and Keanu Reeves.


4. 99Covers:  there are 462 mostly head shots of some of the hottest male actors out there.  There are some nice hunk face shots of Ryan Gosling, Josh Duhamel, Owen Wilson, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, and Christian Bale. Just right click and save to your computer.


5. Coverswag: these featured males are broken down into two categories: celebrities and actors.  

male celebrities: has 23 unique featured male actor hunk Covers like the Jersey Shore Guys, Ashton Kutcher, and the ever popular Zac Efron.

actors: there are 95 classic actor Facebook Timeline Covers which include multiple shots of Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Gerald Butler and Chris Evans.


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