Helen Thomas and the Roller Coaster Six Flags Tweets and Status Posts Trending on Twitter and Facebook

Hashtags Trending on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest on July 20, 2013. Today Helen Thomas the famed White House correspondent journalist has passed away at 92. Click on the hashtag below to see all the latest Helen Thomas tweets being updated by the second.

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A women falls off a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. There is still confusion over how this accident happened as reports are surfacing on concerns about the safety of the passenger. Click on the Roller Coaster tweets to see what people are tweeting, updating or commenting on at HashtagGuide.com now.



former White House correspondent Helen Thomas passes away at 92


the corroded part engines of the Apollo 11 mission called Saturn V deep in the ocean are discovered by researches working the CEO of Amazon.


women falls of a roller coaster in Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.


a part of the real Schindler’s List is up for auction on Ebay and opens at 3 million.


Boston mob boss James Bulger is on trial

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someone sets off explosives in Beijing China


suspect arrested for setting off explosives in Beijing China


the city of Detroit files for bankruptcy


amusement park officials are investigating how a women fell from a roller coaster


who’s trending on MTV right now


insight into the latest games


the latest tweets and status updates tagged with the smartphone android hashtag


games for the android are becoming increasingly popular


people discussing the latest ipad games


talking about the latest ipad news


rt now any topic


open follow tagged in tweets


is this real or a joke? click to find out.


wins stage 20 in the 2013 Tour de France and a trending hashtag on Twitter


violence in Kashmir as a curfew is in place because of 4 civilians being killed by security forces


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