Help, Stuck in Pottermore's Diagon Alley, Chapter 5 Moment 1

Are you stuck in Pottermore’s Diagon Alley? As more and more people are getting in to experience Pottermore these last couple of days and with many more on the way (Pottermore Insider has announced today, Sept 8th 2011, that they will be mailing out Welcome emails every day now for the foreseeable future) there seems to be a general consensus that the first moment within a chapter people are getting stuck in and in return giving newbie students the most fits is the “Arriving at Diagon Alley” moment in Chapter 5.

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I always advocate trying everything you can first to get through this Chapter 5 section before reading more of this post. Over at the Pottermore Fan Forum many people have posted comments that they have spent more than an hour trying to get past this moment. When I heard times like these I thought it was time to add some clarity  on what to do  so you can enter Gringotts Wizarding Bank as soon as possible so you can start filling your shopping list.

So what exactly are the problems with this moment in Chapter 5?  There are basically two areas of frustration: finding the shopping list and finding a way to get into Gringotts. I will address both of these points separately.

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Finding the Shopping List: this is not really that difficult. Finding it is easy, so where is the Pottermore Shopping List after all?  Well,  people are commenting that the Shopping List can’t be found because certain browsers have been known to cut off the bottom part of the screen, the part where the Pottermore Shopping List is hidden. The latest Internet Explorer browser has been cited as one possible conflict. The easy  solution would be to download another browser of course, perhaps Firefox or Chrome.

For those that are not browser challenged but have at their disposal the correct viewing software such as Firefox then finding the Shopping list is easy, just zoom in once and look down on the street in front of you for a small looking pamphlet. Click on it, and you got your list of goodies.

Moving along into the Gringotts is a little confusing. I believe the way to solve this is to first read the new material article about Muggle clothing  from J.K. Rowling. This will trigger the next event while also satisfying those interested in the Pottermore back story.  The clickable house I believe is also the 4th one in and it will be outlined in purple.

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2. How do I get into Gringotts? once you read the back story about the appropriate Wizard’s clothes you can easily move your mouse over the top window on the left, three houses down from the very front position (this trigger will look like a stain glass window somewhat with bright rays of light being emitted from it. This in return will make the Gringotts door clickable so you can enter through.

Just double zoom and click on the door and your in Gringotts. It’s that simple. Now your off to shop freely at Diagon Alley without all the delays. Enjoy!