Henry Cavill and Superman Man of Steel Tweets On Twitter

With the release of the first official picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in “Man of Steel” due out in 2013  Superman and Henry Cavill related Twitter accounts are a must follow if your a fan. But before we list some great Superman Twitter feeds here is a picture of Henry Cavill in the new Superman costume.

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@ManofSteel_2013: the Man of Steel 2013 movie fan Twitter feed with almost 2,000 tweets to date. Tweets the latest news about the Man of Steel movie including links to photos, filming locations, actor news and more. The movie is still more than a year away but these movie production Twitter feeds are growing in popularity around the internet as people are wanting to follow the making of the film in chronological fashion.

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@HCavillSource: a new Twitter feed linked to the website henry-cavill.org. Tweeting all about Cavill as the next Superman with movie news and updates when available.

@HenryCavillcouk: another Henry Cavill Twitter fan page from the UK tweeting Henry Cavill as Superman news and movie updates including links to articles, photos and more.

@SupermanHomepge: the official Twitter account of Superman homepage with over 5,300 followers and 3,700 tweets. Tweets everything to do with Superman daily. Some of the latest tweets of course include the buzz around the recent release of the Henry Cavill Superman picture, “Man of Steel” countdown, location and movie set news and pictures, previous Superman movie news, fan videos , comic book news, articles, interviews and more. A must follow Superman fan Twitter feed.

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@supermansite: the official Twitter feed of supermansupersite.com tweeting daily news about the latest Superman movie, news, updates, events and more.

@DC_NATION: from dcuniverse.com DC_Nation has almost 60,000 followers and 4,200 tweets to date. This feed tweets news and information concerning Superman in the comics along with other DC comic characters.

@JerkSuperman: can’t talk about Superman without mentioning it’s parody counterpart. This is a funny, parody Twitter feed of Superman with over 18,500 followers. There are some funny tweets here:

  • I have no idea what the hell a Green Lantern is. Is it a restaurant, or… ?\

Do you think Henry Cavill will make a good Superman and that we are getting yet again another Superman remake? If your a Superman fan please comment below. Thank you.