Homebrew Twitter Guide Directory With 10 Tweet Feeds

Love making your own beer? Here are some homebrew hobbiests and companies tweeting on Twitter about everything you need to know about making your favorite liquid delight, beer.

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This post is started off small, then grew and grew. Consider it like a Homebrew Twitter Guide or Directory.

You can get a lot of ideas, tips, recipes, equipment and more just by following your favorite homebrew twitter feeds. They’re short and to the point, so follow away and watch how simple tweets can lead to what you’re looking for.

This is not a Top 10 list, but a list of 10 Homebrewing Twitter feeds that tweet about making your own beer and in no particular order.

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10 Homebrew Twitter Feeds

1. @homebrewtalk: the name says it all. With over 5,000 followers homebrewtalk is a great Twitter home brew feed that is a community of tweets. Answers questions, tweets links to articles, advice, tips, reviews and more. To Keg or Not To Keg, that is the question.

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2. @HomeBrewOnline: with almost 500 followers HomeBrewOnline tweets about reviews of brew, specials and sales. Their Twitter bio reads: “Brew Your Own Beer at Home. Homebrew Online Homebrewing Beer Wine Making HomeBrewOnline York”

3. @beerdvd: this Twitter account basically advertises a beginning DVD on making your own brew at home; however, there are plenty of tweets about brew reviews, beer articles, and beer and wine festivals and events.

4. @homebrewedbeer(UK): this Twitter account is very active in tweeting daily. Their Twitter bio reads “Brewing strong beer, home brew tips recipes, drinking, saving cash & having a party 🙂

Latest tweets include a homebrew equipment and recipe packet, basic brewing video, and how to brew beer basic extract brewing.

5. @beer47: tweets reviews, news, beer in general, homebrewing, beer events, and cooking with beer. This is a large Twitter feed with over 34,400 followers and 4, 100 and counting tweets.  This is one of the better community beer tweet feeds with lots of down to earth beer enjoyment and sharing.

6. @Salinaglass/makingbeer: a public Twitter list for beer making from a wide spectrum of enthusiasts. Tweets home brewing, small breweries, how to make beer, beer making supplies and more.

Check out this tweet from the list for summer brew making:

“15 Summertime Beer Recipes http://beerrecipes.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/15-summertime-recipes/ #summer #beer
7. @BeerBrewing: this Twitter feed has over 6,300 followers and 5,300 tweets to date @Beerbrewing tweets tips and tricks to make your own beer.
8. @AustinHomebrew: Twitter feed from one of the classic home brew stores in a historically rich home brew community in Austin, Texas.  With over 3,000 followers this feed tweets beer news, tips, and sells beer making equipment.
9. @homebrewfinds: tweets daily deals on home brewing equipment, books and more. Daily deals and specials are tweeted here. Homebrewfinds has almost 1,500 followers.
10. @blogaboutbeer: blogs about the enjoyment of beer everywhere and tweets about it too. Blogaboutbeer has almost 3,ooo followers.