How Do I Create A Facebook Frames?

Looking for a guideline to help you create the latest Facebook effect, the Facebook Frame? If you are, check out a quick summary below on how to create these Facebook frames and how to use them on your page.

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The Facebook frame tutorial and creation guidelines are featured here below:

  • Starting with the Design- begin making a frame using your own design tools creating a PNG file with a transparent background for each element.
  • Upload your art other images to Facebook-arrange them on the canvas to compose your Facebook frame.
  • Preview your frame-check out your frame in different sizes.
  • Fill out the remaining details about your Facebook frame.
  • Submit it for review
  • Check out your frame-once your frame is approved it becomes active-people can begin adding it to photos and videos to share.
  • Check out your stats-once the frame is live you can monitor how many people are using your frame.




Is is a little more info on this Facebook frame tutorial with questions answered:

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What kind of Facebook frames are there?

There are Location type and General frames.

Types of Location Facebook frames:  these are frames specific to a location like a specific city, neighborhood, or landmark.

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General Facebook frames:  almost any kind of fun frame can work here along with events, seasons and causes. The variety is endless.

What is an example of a Facebook frame? 

Here is an example of a Facebook frame using a seasonal Fall border for a regional event Harvest Festival:




You can create your Facebook frame bordering your photos and videos and in the camera on Facebook.

To learn more about how to design Facebook frames for your photos and videos by visiting their Facebook Camera Effects page.

One more important guideline to follow: when designing your Facebook frames make sure to make them simple and clear. The art must be 100% original and must not obscure the photo and video in anyway.

For more guidelines check out Facebook’s complete guidelines for creating a frame.