How Do You Cast Spells In Pottermore?

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Pottermore experience is casting spells or spell casting, whichever you prefer to call it.  My first impressions on spell casting were muted mainly by the fact that the initial instructions on casting spells are a little ambiguous. After seeking more clarification I got to practicing them in earnest.

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After practicing some of these spells for over an hour I realized there would definitely be people asking the question, “how do you cast spells in Pottermore?“.

While I will go into some specifics here on casting spells in this post I would like to invite Pottermore fans who visit daily, weekly or even monthly to visit my new blog called Pottermore Now,  Here you will find a more detailed breakdown on casting spells in Pottermore.

Pottermore Now will be my new Pottermore specific blog where I will record daily entries, news, updates and more. This will also be the official blog of the new Pottermore Fan Forum so there will be plenty for hardcore Pottermore fans to soak in daily.

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I explain a little in my Welcome post at Pottermore Now about the transition to this new blog from  But, in a nutshell, in the future I will be placing all the Pottermore specific posts all in one place. A new Pottermore dedicated site seemed appropriate and needed at this time as I had created over 100 Pottermore related posts on this blog.

It’s something I’m passionate about as well as Twitter so the split seems natural and long over due.

Please start visiting Pottermore Now for any future related Pottermore content. The site was just born today so give it some time before the design and look are finished.  However, I’ve already posted 2 entries already: my Welcome post and How do you cast spells in Pottermore?

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While I will go into more specifics on how to cast spells in Pottermore in my second entry to date on my other blog at Pottermore Now I will give a basic guide to casting spells here.

Each spell has its own rhythm and movement of the wand, unique arrangement of letters and speed in which the beam moves from letter to letter. In many cases the speed of the light even varies dramatically between the letters (practice some of spells in the spell book entitled “Curses and Counter-Curses” for example to see what I’m talking about).

The basics of spell casting lies in the timing of the rhythm and movement and clicking the pulsating circular light beam at the right moment as it passes from letter to letter at various speeds.

How you cast a spell successfully and increase your Spell Cast Potency depends on the precise execution of all these integral parts happening within a short time period.

So how do you actually cast a spell in Potermore? Let’s try the Fire-Making Spell Incendio which instructions are contained in The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) which conjures flames. This is also the only practice spell in this book so it’s a great place to start. Here is a step by step breakdown on the mechanics of executing this spell.

Please visit Pottermore Now for more details on how to casting spells in Pottermore and specifically the Incendio spell. I break it down into 8 steps in that post.

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