How do you move Google's Hanging Mobile Design Doodle?

It’s past midnight, July 22 2011, and I’m starring at the Google search box and wondering again out loud. What’s the deal with today’s Google search box doodle or design? I must be getting tired because for some reason they look like hanging Christmas lights? Sometimes you get up in the morning to search for something, and your hit over the head with an unrecognizable image.

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Don’t fear my friends. I’m starting to love these changes and reading up on the history of the event, celebration, honor or whatever they have is worth being sidetracked from the daily routines of living.

These are known in the industry as Google Doodles and they are becoming much more creative and interactive the past several months (Take for instance the Google Virtual Guitar and the passing Lunar Eclipse). The Google virtual guitar was an instant classic. Probably the only google doodle to have has a direct impact on the economy.

Why, because so many people stopped working at their desks to mess around and record their own strummings on the Google virtual guitar doodle.

So what’s a brief history of the colorful hanging mobile Google doodle today?  Well, it’s a celebration of Alexander Calder’s 113th birthday. Calder was an artist and sculptor who invented the hanging mobile art piece used as a form of kinetic art.

Google’s mobile doodle takes full advantage of this design form by creating an interactive, moving hanging mobile with colorful hanging accented pieces of dark blue, red, green and orange moving around it at your discretion.

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So how do you move the Google mobile? With your mouse pretty much. That’s right, with a point and click of the mouse you can control where,  how long and how fast the hanging mobile will sway. I mean give this thing a try.  You can actullay whip this thing around pretty good, stop it in it’s tracks and reverse direction quite easily. It’s really kind of fun just admiring the interactive qualities of this doodle.

If you want to follow Google doodles on Twitter go to the following Twitter account below.

@GoogleDoodles: The official Google doodle Twitter feed.  There are now 28  tweets so far each one tweeting about Google’s popular doodles and winners of doodles.  GoogleDoodle has now over 10,800 followers, about a 6,000 follower jump since the popular virtual guitar doodle.

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