How Do You Wizard Duel In Pottermore?

After a long hiatus for several months the Pottermore Wizard Duel or Dueling feature is up and running. Many beta testers including myself didn’t get access to Pottermore in time to try out this much anticipated feature. For many months we were left just to practice various spells void of any real opponent.

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Recently, Pottermore has finished a week long update on their site in order to fix many hardware issues and coding that effected the overall speed and functioning of the site. Once the site was up and running a week ago it wasn’t long before the wizard duel feature was up and running.

So how does wizard dueling actually work in Pottermore and how does someone go about initiating it or accepting a friend’s or house challenge?

There are several ways you can access and initiate a wizard duel with a friend, challenge a house or practice within your own house. You can access the wizard duel button from the Spells tab at the top of your Pottermore Gateway. Opening up the spell books page will reveal spells to practice as well as the wizard duel button. Just click on the wizard duel button and challenge a friend. Then chose a spell (hopefully you practiced some before hand) and cast it. If your unsure of how to cast a spell I wrote thiw article about spell casting in Pottermore on the Pottermorenow blog. Click on this link below.

How Do You Cast Spells In Pottermore?

The wizard dueling scoring system is real basic for now. If your spell cast potency score is higher than your opponent you win and receive 5 house points. If your score is lower than your opponent then you get no points. If there is a tie then no one gets any points, 0 points for your house.

If you go to your profile page you will see where it says notifications at the top right if you have any wizard duel challenges waiting for your response. Just click on the “view and manage” tab to see how many challenges are awaiting. You can also go to your friends page, lower middle section, and chose a friend to initiate a challenge. Either way there are several avenues available allowing you to initiate or respond to a wizard duel.

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The Pottermore more wizard duel feature allows you to cast a spell at your on leisure. You can challenge a friend, cast your spell, then log into Pottermore later to see who won. Casting spells is a great way to build up house points fast. It seems to be running pretty smoothly right now so if your a beta user and haven’t tried it out yet now is the time.

Beta users who have been enjoying this feature I invite you to comment below on any tips, tricks or suggestions you might have to better enable other users to be more effective in their spell casting.

You can also visit the Pottermoreforum and invite more people into the discussion on wizard dueling.