How Much is the Latest Powerball Jackpot Worth?

This is the real deal. A jackpot estimated at a half billion dollars is extraordinary beyond belief. How much is the latest Powerball jackpot actually worth?

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The latest news from the AP wires has a minimum Powerball jackpot prize of at least 500 million.  Of course tomorrow states around the country are predicting huge lines and cash purchases. The actual cash value of a 500 million dollar prize amount would be around 327 million dollars. If the estimated jackpot increases so will the cash value.

The latest news on media networks both TV and Internet has created a serious frenzy of ticket buying which is driving up the estimated jackpot cash value by the second.

Lottery officials are predicting a winning ticket will be drawn as most of the number combinations will be taken.

The odds of winning the jackpot are pretty astronomical at 1 and around 170 million.

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