How To Plan, Announce and Celebrate Your Wedding Using Social Media

This is a new age.  The social media age.  Social media has touched so many lives and has spread through so many facets of our lives.  One aspect of life it has touched is the modern day wedding.  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Yelp, to name a few, have made their way into the announcing, planning, and celebrating of weddings.  There are so many innovative social media ideas for weddings, and with these, the birth of social media wedding etiquette.  Read on to glimpse a sampling of tips and suggestions to help you navigate your way through the world of social media weddings.

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The first thing a newly engaged woman wants to do is announce her engagement to the world. In terms of social media, this would be posting the news on Facebook and updating her status to “Engaged.”  In fact, 1 in 10 women updates her status just minutes after getting engaged.  But beware!  Experts warn that the correct thing to do is tell your friends and family first before posting or changing your status, either in person or on the phone.

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The next step is a giant one which can be tackled with help from social media sites.  Preparing and planning for the wedding is a monumental task which can be broken into several categories.  For example, once things are decided, you can think about invitations and contact information.  Try evites for your tech savvy guests, and conventional invitations for your less savvy guests.  The same goes for your contact information.  Select one method of social media in which people can contact you so that you will not be receiving texts from some, e-mails from others, etc., and allow for traditional contact from those folks who do not use social media.


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Don’t forget to head on over to Google + and their online wedding planner. You can do practically everything from there when planning your wedding including announcing the news with the Google Hangout app, locating a venue with Google Maps app, fill out your wedding budget using Google’s Wedding Planner template, create a Google + event page to announce to everyone you know “who, what, when and where” as it related to your wedding, create a Google website for things like a guest registry and a wedding RSVP Google option, and post your memories and photos to Google + to share with everyone, enjoy your photos in animations, panoramas, and collages.

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There are some wonderful and fun social media ideas for your pre-wedding preparations.  By using apps like AppyCouple, you can provide guests a way to download useful information like a history of the couple and event details, and to post their own photos and comments.  Pinterest offers an excellent feature: Secret Boards.  You can share one with your wedding planner that no one else sees so that the actual event is truly a surprise, bridesmaids can share a secret board to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and a Pinterest secret wedding registry board offers guests the opportunity to shop and buy your wedding gift.  Facebook, too, has a private page accessed under “Groups” where you can invite your guests and provide important information. Guests can even RSVP via Facebook.


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To assist you with your pre-wedding search, Yelp is designed to help you find vendors by typing in your location and what you are looking for.  Given the topic and location, vendors in that area appear for your perusal.  This is perfect if your wedding venue is not in the city where you reside.  In addition, some vendors offer sales and deals.

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There are numerous social media trends at weddings nowadays, but, first it’s good to know a little social media wedding etiquette.  For one, using social media is appropriate before and after the wedding ceremony, but it is a no-no during the actual ceremony.  In fact, you can announce in your program if you want your ceremony to be unplugged, i.e. no phones.


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Wedding guests have already begun to use social media to take pictures and record video of the wedding.  In accordance, wedding couples have taken hold of that idea and have dreamed up truly inspirational trends.   Two social media sites wedding couples are making use of are Twitter and Instagram.  Using the hashtag notion, the bride and groom create a hashtag for their wedding and use cute ways, like tented cards on the guests’ table, to inform them of it.  Then, the guests post pictures for Instagram and tweet on Twitter, causing the wedding hashtag to become a trending hashtag.  The bride and groom assign an Official Tweeter who reads selected guest tweets during the wedding toasts.

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Expanding on the guest taking pictures idea, you could set up a Wedding Social Media Station at your reception that helps reduce possible distractions caused by the spattering of social media use throughout your event and funnels it into one central location.  Set up a laptop, projector, and screen.  Give your guests a Flickr URL and have them upload wedding pictures or video that gets displayed on the screen.  You can even have someone responsible for the Flickr Station who sets up a constant, ongoing stream of wedding video showing guests enjoying themselves at your wedding as it happens.  This novelty replaces those disposable cameras that couples used to pass out at their weddings.  Be aware, you will still want to hire a professional photographer.  Having your guests use Flickr is simply an added bonus.


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One fascinating trend is using an online video streaming service like Ustream at your wedding.  Basically, this offers guests who are unable to come to your event the opportunity to attend virtually.  Such an amazing possibility!  This is fantastic if your wedding is a destination wedding too far for some people to make the event.  And, perfectly, these streams can be password protected, making them closed to uninvited internet strangers.

One final word.  After updating your Facebook Status to “Married” at your social media wedding, remember to put down your social media device and just have a good time with your friends and family who are present there with you!


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