How To Spend Your Leisure Time While Making New Friends

If your solo hobbies have you calling for some friend-making leisure time activities, check out these ideas.

Your local parks and recreation organization usually provide camps and classes for the kids, but there are also a number of low-cost selections for adults and seniors ranging from games and team sports to crafts classes and exercise classes.

Parks and nature centers often offer outdoor exercise classes like yoga and tai chi, for example.  In addition, nature centers combine the beauty of nature with physical fitness in such activities as bird and nature walks and gardening.  Prices could range from no cost to a minimal fee, usually for entry into the center.

Art studios offer classes in various formats, from pottery classes open to the public to privately scheduled arts and crafts workshops for you and your friends.

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Volunteering is a service-oriented venue for meeting people while helping out with a certain cause.  It also offers a chance to be productive while having fun.  And, there are so many different capacities in which you can help; you are sure to find the volunteer job best suited to your skills!

Many people enjoy games clubs, such as bridge club, chess club, dominoes, and others.

Other kinds of clubs that provide socialization and help build a skill are knitting clubs, quilting clubs, and book club, to name a few.  Or, if you are feeling especially artistic, join a choir, a band or ensemble, or audition for a part in a local play.

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If you like to run or walk, you could join in local 5K runs, or find a runner’s club to run or walk at your local track.

Many people enjoy joining a gym or exercise class to get physically fit while meeting people who share similar interests.

There are many opportunities to spend your leisure time while making new friends if you just think about your skills and likes, and tap into the world of fun that lies within your reach!