How To Unfollow Users on Twitter

Sometimes the following list gets a little unwieldy. Luckily it’s as easy to UN-follow someone as it is to follow them. Removing someone from your following list means that you’ll no longer receive their updates on the web or on your phone.

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Unfollowing from your following page

To trim down your list, visit your following page to stop following more than one person at a time.


Unfollowing from the profile page

Remove a specific person by using the follow drop down box on their profile page.


Although you can’t stop following someone’s web updates from your phone, you can stop getting their updates via text message by sending LEAVE username, or OFF username, from your phone, like so:

  • off candice
  • leave candice

Even if you stop getting someone’s device updates, you’ll still see their updates on the web. Before you remove a person, remember that you don’t have to stop following people who reply to much or send too many updates for your text plan. You can change your reply settings to filter out unwanted replies, and your device settings per person if you don’t want to receive text updates from everyone.

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Why would I want to Unfollow someone?

You can unfollow anyone at any time – for any reason (we won’t tell!) We built the unfollow feature for those instances when you no longer wish to see a user’s updates in your timeline, but may still want to view them on an as-needed basis. When you unfollow a user, you can still view their updates by visiting their profile page (unless their account is protected.)

If you are unfollowing a user because their updates seem like spam, please read our guidelines on reporting spam on Twitter.

If you want to make sure another user cannot follow you, please read our instructions on blocking users on Twitter.