How Will You Select Your Wand Wood and Magic Core In Pottermore?

Harry Potter enthusiasts know all about the wand woods and wand selection process that goes on at Ollivanders Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. What is a little unknown is how Pottermore will go about with the wand selection process as this is one of the more personal and exciting things one can anticipate as they proceed through Pottermore. How will a wood wand and magic core material be chosen for you in Pottermore or how will you chose your wand specifically? How many wand choices will there be and what are the Pottermore wand selection questions?

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Supposedly, J.K. Rowling has given a lot of thought into this process because it allows the person, you, to use your own personal traits to establish how a wand will be chosen. Traditionally, it would seem that your birthday would be an important attribute in helping assign a wand wood for you. The Celtic calendar was used in the Potter books to assign wood wands to some of its main characters like Ron and Hermione by matching birthdays with woods (Coincidentally this worked out for Harry Potter born on July 31st who received a wand made of Holly wood).


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Birthday Falls on or Between 

December 24 to January 20

Rowan January 21 to February 17
Ash February 18 to March 17
Alder March 18 to April 14
Willow April 15 to May 12
Hawthorn May 13 to June 9
Oak June 10 to July 7
Holly July 8 to August 4
Hazel August 5 to September 1
Vine September 2 to September 29
Ivy September 30 to October 27
Reed October 28 to November 24
Elder November 25 to December 22


There are also other factors involved in the wand selection process. The wood components of each wand have certain qualities or properties that have certain effects on their surroundings. For example, holly wood is suppose to repel evil while  oak is a strong wood which naturally signifies enhanced strength and being a good protector.

This is an important aspect of the wand selection because if you were to recall if one were to follow the Celtic calendar, as J.K. Rowling as pointed out, Hagrid should have had an elder wand wood.  But Hagrid’s  personal characteristics both physical and emotional align itself more closely to the oak wand wood.

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How will the magic core material be chosen to go inside the wand woods in Pottermore?  And will there be exotics to choose for woods and core material in Pottermore? These are questions still unanswered at the moment. However, we do know that the magic core material matched with the type of wood has an influence on the behavior of the wand.  And, surely, this has to be considered during the Pottermore wand selection process.

At this point we do not know much about the Pottermore Wand Selection process but I did manage to snap some screenshots of 3 example questions chosen from the Pottermore wand selector.

Screenshot #1: First of all, how would you describe yourself?

Screenshot #2: Select your eye color

Screenshot #3: Do you most fear…..

What do you think so far of some of these Pottermore Wand Selector questions? Do you like the idea of using the Celtic Calendar as the main attribute for wand wood selection? Do you think there will be exotics (wood and magic core)? Let’s get an idea of what people here think about the Wand Selector.

Also, please register at the Pottermoreforum. net. I just started it and it’s already growing nicely. We have over 250 posts already within 2 days with lots more information to share not disclosed here including more screenshots. The members are extremely knowledgeable about the Harry Potter books. The conversations and interchange between the members is of the highest quality. We would sure like your participation now, especially on the verge of Pottermore opening up.