Hundreds of the Best Scary and Funny Halloween Vine Videos

This is my first post related to Vine, the social micro media video sharing mobile app produced by Twitter.  While Vine has been around a while I never quite was able to locate regular “computer” websites where these popular short videos could be aggregated with relevant hashtags.

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Vine is at its core an app for iOS devices by apple or Android. The videos or short, 6 seconds long, and looping continuously. The looping effect is very important as the continuous replay seems to add more and more effect, humor or seriousness to the videos.

While you can register and log into Vine anytime to find videos by typing in the related hashtag (ex. #halloween) I found several new traditional websites that have added these videos for ease of viewing and sharing on a desktop or laptop computer. The desktop and laptop computer still has some advantages over the smaller hand held devices enabling you to watch and enjoy these videos on a larger screen.

I will be posting on Tweeting a lot more Vine related videos based on hashtags, topics, themes, people, places and so forth so without further delay here is my first post on hundreds of the best scary and funny Halloween vine videos.

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Below are two sites that will display a huge collection of serious, informative, skit types, just strange and weird, funniest and of course overall scary Vine Halloween videos.


1. seenive: has a huge collection of Halloween vine videos including people wearing funny and scary Halloween costumes vine videos, doing interesting and silly things with these costumes, videos of scary Halloween props, funny-scary-and weird up close videos of people with personal narratives about Halloweenish stuff, old scary and horror videos, artsy Halloween Vine videos, homemade prop skit shorts, and Halloween joke Vine videos. There are lots more Halloween Vine videos too, all tagged with the #halloween hashtag.


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2.vinerise: another loaded Vine video sharing website Vinerise has pages and pages of halloween or #halloween hashtag videos such as clever ones involving Halloween costumes and people sharing their own creative Halloween video masterpieces; well some of them are.