Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Spoof Someday Fragrance Commercial

Having the second most followers on Twitter can give you a powerful marketing position. This is definitely one of the advantages of Twitter and exploited to perfection by the marketing team behind Justin Bieber’s promotion of his new fragrance for women called Someday.

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Late last night Justin Bieber posted this tweet from Jimmy Fallon where he tweets a link to a video of their spoof of the Someday commercial premiering on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

jimmyfallonjimmy fallon by justinbieber

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Tonight me & @justinbiebermake our commercial debut. http://t.co/51RsDjm #someday is now.

In a somewhat puzzling move Bieber spoofs his own Someday fragrance in this video with Jimmy Fallon playing his older self. There are some funny moments as the two go back and forth chanting Someday in breathy, whispery tones.

Bieber gets a look at his older self played by Jimmy Fallon sporting the same Bieber hairdo who speaks “Someday, you’ll look like this”, Bieber replies “what happened? “. Fallon replies, “you just got busy, your metabolism changed”. Bieber replies, ” I can eat 5 slices of pizza and not gain an ounce. ” Fallon replies, “enjoy it dude”.

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First, the original Bieber Someday commercial:

Seems like the spoof commercial is ok and all done in fun. Bieber fans are tweeting about it now on Twitter. Follow the tweeting with these hashtags:  

#Someday  # justinbieber 

Justin Bieber tweeted a twitpic with this post:

jimmyfallonjimmy fallon by justinbieber Someday. Tonight on Late Night! http://t.co/L5IpHnc

Followed by this tweet sent by the Biebs:

justinbieber Justin Bieber

#SOMEDAY @jimmyfallon #somedayhaha…i just got busy. lol
@justinbieber: the official Twitter account of Justin Bieber with over 10,560,000 followers. Justin’s avatar profile pic has changed with the Someday logo written underneath it.
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