Kate Middleton Royal Baby Delivery Hashtags on Facebook and Reaction Tweets on Twitter

Only a couple of days left till we know the gender and name of the new royal baby. One thing we now know for sure the baby will have the title of Prince or Princess of Cambridge.

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All we need now is gender and a name. Top running for girl’s name is Alexandra and for a boy George. But this is just pure speculation when in reality we have no idea what the name will be or the gender for that matter.

You can follow all the latest on what do people believe the Royal baby name will be on Twitter and Facebook by following the “baby name” hashtag below.

You can follow Kate’s delivery day with news on gender and name by following all the relevant British Monarchy and Royal Family hashtags trending on all the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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With Facebook finally introducing hashtags in their posts the information you can obtain about a particular topic or event.

With all the different ways you can now track hashtags I thought it would beneficial to have one site where you can link each topic or keyword hashtag to all five top social networking sites.

Because of this need I created a directory of sorts where you can do just this, find all five links to each social networking site that use the hashtag keyword you are interested in.

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The site is called Hashtagguide.com and is a direct partner site with Tweeting.com.

If you would like to follow the delivery of the Kate and William’s Royal baby click on some of the following relevant hashtags below. These will take you directly to each hashtag page where you can see all 5 hashtag links to each of these five social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Kate Middleton Royal baby delivery hashtags linked to hashtagguide.com

















Visit hashtagguide now.

Looking for a Kate Middleton recent pregnant picture? Look at the top of this post to see the latest picture posted on this unofficial Facebook Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge fan page just several hours ago.


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There are only a few days left please comment below on what your guess will be on the Royal babies name and why?