Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba Tweet Bikini Pictures on Twitter

Kim Kardashian embraces Twitter unconditionally. She is one of the more active celebrity users with a Twitter feed. And you can bet with one hundred percent certainty she will be tweeting an occasional bikini tweet picture. She’s done it in the past. She did a bikini tweet recently on July 11th 2012. And she’ll do it again. This latest one she uses the no photoshop and no filter hashtags really well. If this is true, then what can you say.

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@KimKardashian: the official Twitter account of Kim Kardashian with an incredible 15,300,000 followers and 12,100 tweets. Kim tweets a lot with links to articles and news from her official website, blogs, Instagram picture photo rolls and her Facebook account. Of course Kim Kardashian is known for linking to the occasional bikini tweet pose as she did here on July 11th while doing a Sunrise Summertime photo shoot. In this tweets she uses carefully the #nophotoshop hashtag.

Here is the no photoshop hashtag tweet:

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Now here is the part of the tweet with the Instagram photo she was referring too.


@jessicaalba: the official Twitter account of Jessica Alba with over 3.5 million followers and 3,100 tweets to date. Another active tweeter Jessica Alba tweets this beautiful bikini tweet back on July 10th 2012, relaxing and drinking wine in the sun while on vacation with her family.

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Here is the tweet:


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