Kirk Cameron Movie Unstoppable and Royal Baby Names Tweets on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube Now

Kirk Cameron’s promotional video gets banned from Facebook temporarily and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby boy without revealing the name so far. Read more about what people are tweeting, status updates, commenting, posting, and hashtag tagging to videos and pictures by clicking on the following trending hashtags linked to

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Kirk Cameron is one to not shy away from his religious views. Now, his promotional video on this one day showing of a movie entitled Unstoppable gets a short ban on Facebook for supposedly violating spam rules


Cameron’s movie hashtag on why bad things happen to good people as God’s plan


the name of Kirk Cameron’s controversial movie


company producing Kirk Cameron’s movie Unstoppable


music for the movie Unstoppable


check out the latest movie trailers tagged with this hashtag


Apple profits are decreasing how will the market react


hashtag reaction to this popular product from Apple


will there ever be a release of the iWatch by Apple?


an iTV is planned to be in the works


monitor this company and of course its stock price


there is still an ongoing investigation in to what happened to Rosy Esparza as she fell from a roller coaster at Six Flags in Arlington, Tx


USA soccer team is in the gold cup semifinals


playing a key role in the USA soccer teams play in the gold cup


you know they will be wanting to catch a glimpse of the new Royal baby


new smartphone by Motorola


becoming a popular android app


becoming a popular android app


becoming a popular android app


the name of the new The Avengers movie sequel


Comic Con releases information on the new The Avengers 2 movie


Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk help form The Avengers


new super hero movie coming out soon


the big question now is what will be the name of Kate and William’s baby boy? This hashtag is trending now


a new movie called Age of Ultron will be the title of the next Avengers movie


what will the baby boy’s name be that will become King one day?


marvel is on a hot streak with several more super hero movies due out next year


the Age of Ultron will be the next Avengers sequel


on his trip to Brazil a bomb was found at a possible stop of his


security intercepted a bomb in Brazil at a Pope stopping site




banned from baseball for the entire year


bizarre story of George Zimmerman and yet another 911 call as he helps people out of an overturned SUV


the Law and Order actor dies


will be on trial for the murder of at least 3 women


earthquake strikes China