Ludwig Van Beethoven Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Downloads

Ludwig Van Beethoven was the quintessential composer. While his music is perfection the process of composition was a lot more pain staking and as compared to his equals in Mozart and Bach.

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Mozart composed with barely an alteration or correction from the flow of music he already composed in his head. Bach was the master improviser who composed almost as an after thought. Then there is Beethoven. He heard his beautiful music in his head easily but committed it to manuscript with thought and care. In return the process saw his compositions covered with corrections and revisions.

Physically, Ludwig Van Beethoven was an imposing figure. Not really on the friendly side he was known to have fits of rage along with the occasional display of erratic behavior.

He was known to have pretty much ignored his personal appearance in his later years and opted for the more “wild and stern looking” composer look that we see in pictures today.  Of course his later years he became almost completely deaf,  but this did not deter him from composing his great masterpiece, the 9th Symphony.

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Finding a Ludwig Van Beethoven Facebook Cover Photo to place atop your Timeline is no easy matter. There are not too many of them out there that were already pre-formatted to the correct dimensions. However, I did manage to find a few and listed them here in this small collection of Covers.

All Covers are free to download to your computer or upload straight to your Timeline photos. Enjoy.


 Beethoven Facebook Covers there are several Beethoven images that already formatted to the Facebook Cover dimensions.

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  • here is a younger more vibrant looking Beethoven, before aging and the notorious long wild hair. has a cool pencil sketch angry looking Beethoven face Facebook Cover.
firstcovers: a picture of Beethoven and Mozart together.
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