Make A Movie With Music, Life Events, and Photos From Your Facebook Timeline

While reading the New York Times yesterday I noticed an article in the personal tech section called “Ready or Not, Time To Share More“.  The article details some facts about the transition from the old profile page to the new Facebook Timeline. Here are some important points in the article about Timeline:

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  • many people have not yet switched to Timeline
  • Facebook will make Timeline mandatory in the next couple of weeks
  • the article describes the layout of Timeline
  • a quick critical analysis of Timeline, it’s Pros and Cons
  • a mention of 3rd party apps built around Timeline

For this post I’d like to focus on the last bullet which mentions a cool 3rd party app which integrates your Timeline quite nicely.

The app is called Timeline Movie Maker and the corresponding website is called Since I’ve been trying to locate awesome and new Timeline apps that I can review and write about in my blog posts I had to go check it out for myself.

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First off, this is just a great idea. The idea of the Timeline Movie Maker is pretty simple: turn your photos, posts, and life events into a sort of movie trailer or movie montage. It’s easy to use and fun to mess around with. I tried it earlier today and it took about a minute to set up my own Timeline movie

So how does Timeline Movie Maker actually work?  Well, first off, before you begin you will need Timeline to make it work. If you havn’t switched to Timeline it’s easy to do. Just click on the “get Timeline” at the top of your old profile page. Once you have Timeline head on over to the website and click on the large green “Make Your Movie” button and allow a log in to your Facebook account.

Once granting permission for the app to retrieve the details of your Timeline it begins a quick compiling of your important data. The app starts loading memories, special occasions, photos, videos, current life events and more. After these special memories are quickly uploaded there is a quick compiling of your Timeline into frames of a movie ( this only takes a couple of seconds).

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When the quick compiling is done your ready to watch a trailer of your very own Timeline. Click on the play button and get a “glimpse of your Timeline” in a movie trailer format.

The best feature of Timelinemoviemaker besides the obvious integration and layout of all your personal data is the music. Playing behind your short movie is a moving symphonic rock music piece that heightens the effects of your visual Timeline and solicits a greater emotional reaction during the viewing. The movie ends with a cool “runway takeoff” effect of your images leading up to your present Facebook Cover Photo.

The movie lasts about a minute and can quickly be shared with your social media network of friends and family in an instant.

Once your movie is over and your not satisfied with the random selected images compiled within the frames you can easily edit and replace them with other photos and images. You’ll see right below the Movie Maker window a scroll window labeled images. Here you can X out any images you don’t want and replace them with images you do want. 

Also, you have the option to substitute the original music style with one of the following: nostalgic, cinematic, romantic and playful. You can click on a small arrow beneath the style of music to here a short sample preview. Once your satisfied with the new look and music style you can then select to “remake” your movie.

My experience with Timeline Movie Maker was pleasant, enjoyable and overall positive. I give Timeline Movie Maker a 4 star review (out of 4 stars) for creativity, format, layout and ease of use. It’s incredibly simple to use and quickly generates a short Timeline movie within less than a minute. You won’t be disappointed.

Timelinemoviemaker the official Facebook page of with over 3,100 likes and almost 600 comments.


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