Michael Vick Tweets On Twitter About Brett Favre Joining Eagles

Well, here we go again. Will Brett Favre actually unretire again…..play quarterback again…….?  Word from family is that he is staying put, but words from Michael Vick could entice Brett Favre once again to put on the pads, helmet and jersey for one more time.

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Michael Vick took to his Twitter account to tweet his admiration for Brett Favre and his desire to have him as a back up and teacher.

“I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup. That will be amazing learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.”

The thing that makes this a little interesting is there are some insiders reporting that the Eagles have an interest in acquiring the services of Brett Favre but hadn’t made any official statements.

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Is Brett Favre on Twitter? As far as I can tell Brett Favre doesn’t have an official Twitter account that I can find. He has his official webpage officialbrettfavre.com but there is no Twitter link. Instead, you can get all the latest Brett Favre news and updates, including the repeat of the phenomenon known as the “Brett Favre watch

@JetFavre: the official Twitter feed of favre.thefanpage.net with over 2,700 followers and 1,400 tweets. The latest tweet gets very interesting about working out with the Vikings second year quarterback Joe Webb:

Joe Webb Is Working With Brett Favre: This should add some fuel to the Favre comeback rumors. According to Vikin… http://bit.ly

@fakebrett: ok, seeing Brett Favre coming back for the umpteenth time deserves to have a humorous, parody feed dedicated to the star quarterback and this is a good one with over 2,600 followers and 1,800 funny Brett favre tweets. You know that the upcoming Brett Favre rumors will hit late night television and talk radios with lots of Brett Favre jokes.

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@MikeVick: the official verified Twitter account of Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles with over 626,000 followers and 1,400 tweet as of the date of this post. So what did Michael Vick tweet about Brett Favre and what does it have to do with hints of Favres return?


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