More Trending Hashtags including Ben Affleck as New Batman and the new Scarlet Witch Avenger

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Here are some more trending hashtags for August 2013 with some descriptions:

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it came as quite a shock that Ben Affleck has been chosen to play the new Batman in the Batman Superman DC comics film. You can bet this hashtag is hopping on all the major social networks like Twitter


check out people’s reaction to Ben Affleck playing the new Batman



the two actors will be playing their roles as Batman and Superman in the upcoming movie


will direct the Man of Steel squeal with an appearance by Batman


Bradley Manning is changing his name to Chelsea Manning using hormone replacement therapy. Follow this hashtag for all Chelsa Manning tweets


In the news as Bradley Manning changes his name to Chelsea



Nickelodeon actor Lucas Cruikshank comes out he’s gay on YouTube


Clint Eastwood is directing the American Sniper about one of the most lethal soldiers in American History. Follow American Sniper tweets here


Clint Eastwood is directing the American Sniper




Germany’s new gender option on birth certificates


another glitch in the Nasdaq as it shutsdown


Elisabeth Olsen is rumored to play the Scarlet Witch in the new Avengers movie Ultron. Follow reaction to the the Scarlet Witch on Twitter


is rumored to play the Scarlet Witch. See tweets about this rumor and the Scarlet Witch


Will play Quicksilver in the up and coming Avengers Ultron movie


A new character that will be introduced in the new Avengers movie. See Quicksilver tweets now by following this hashtag.

Follow this hashtag for reaction to Quicksilver on Twitter


Character played by Lucas Cruikshank