Neil Armstrong Dies Reaction on Twitter With Tweets and Hashtags

The first man to walk on the moon has died today. Neil Armstrong passed away earlier today on August 25th, 2012  due to complications with heart surgery completed earlier this month. He was 82 years old.

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Neil Armstrong along with Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins landed on the moon in 1969 as the Apollo 11 lunar mission crew. When the lunar module landed on the moon Armstrong spoke first by saying “Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.”

After being the first humans to land on the moon Armstrong became the first person to actually step foot and speak on the moon. Armstrong is responsible for one of the most famous quotes in human history,  “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Just imagine if Twitter were around back in 1969 there could have been a “one small step for mankind” tweet. Now that would have been amazing.

Today you can view vintage footage of Neil Armstrong’s journey and walk on the moon. Sometimes serious and sometimes playful Armstrong seemed to be having the time of his life up on Earth’s only natural satellite.

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Twitter reacts today with the passing of Neil Armstrong. You can follow these special NASA accounts and hashtag tweets:

@NASA: this is the official Twitter account of with over 2.8 million followers and 21,800 tweets to date. Lots of tweets coming in today from the likes of Buzz Aldrin and President Barack Obama.  So what did Buzz Aldrin tweet on Twitter about the passing of Neil Armstrong?

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  • On behalf of the Aldrin family we extend our deepest condolences to Carol & the entire Armstrong family on Neil’s passing-He will be missed.
  • Neil & I trained together but were also good friends who will always be connected thru our participation in the Apollo 11 mission

Neil Armstrong Trending Hashtags 





#apollo11 tweets on Twitter







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