Nelson Mandela Died Hashtag Reaction Tweets on Twitter



Nelson Mandela has died today at age 95 today. Mandela has lone been viewed as being a influential force in helping to end apartheid in South Africa and help bring democracy and eventual democratic elections to the region for all people to participate in.

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#SouthAfrica  Hashtag


After spending a span of almost three total decades in prison Mandela emerged in the early 90’s with a reshaped view on racial relations in South Africa and promised to heal old wounds caused be a more militant past and bring both blacks and whites together in more peaceful terms, and in the process try to end legally enforced segregation that many South Africans grew accustomed too over the years.

A more visually unifying statement of this effort was seen in a 1995 World Cup rugby final where Mandela wore the jersey of white team captain Francois Pienaar is show of solidarity and support of all people of South Africa.

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Nelson Mandela Died Hashtag Reaction Tweets on Twitter


You can follow the reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela on Twitter right now with these hashtag tweets that are trending worldwide: