New App Stops You From Making a Drunk Fool Of Yourself on Twitter

Here’s a hot news for every twitter fan who is addicted to tweeting. Now you won’t be caught tweeting your deepest, darkest secrets to everybody when you’re drunk. All thanks to a new security app designed by a company that will stop you from tweeting if it detects that you’re too drunk to be sensible.

This App is called the Social Media Sobreity Test and it requires you to do police-type co-ordination tests on your computer before you can go tweeting. If you fail these tests you can’t tweet. Saves you a lot of next-day headaches and explanations eh?

This great invention can save the lives of poor drunken souls who make the unfortunate choice of switching on their PCs and tweeting when they return from that wild late-night party on a working day… Now you can call in sick safe. Your boss won’t know you were partying last night.

Now that it is launched we are already thinking why somebody didn’t think of this earlier? Tweeting is one, but a lot of people tend to suffer from the foot-in-mouth disease when they go online.
Come to think of it, an idea like this could have been born only by experience. In all probability the writer of this app or someone who he knew committed the grave error of tweeting the wrong thing and paid for it dearly. Thus, the desire to save others from the tweeting themselves to misfortune was born and the app gerimanted.

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This plugin also works with other popular social media websites like facebook, myspace etc.., So whether you are tweeting or facebooking you can save yourself. The application can even be configured to become activated only during certain time each day so that you can carry on tweeting normally in your day without a disturbance to your twitter experience.

The all new twitter offers more facilities, better integration with feature rich applications, and features like these add icing to the cake. So tweeting is now safe and secure even for those with a drinking problem.

The app works by asking you to follow a finger on the screen with your mouse, type specific word combinations and so on. If you make too many mistakes the app recognizes that you are not in your senses and stops you from tweeting. You may feel a little upset that day, but the next day you will thank your lucky stars you did not tweet what you were going to.
So want safe tweeting? Get this fun app.

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