Paris Terrorist Attack Hashtags on Twitter

Deadly widespread terror attacks occurred in Paris, France around late evening tonight, November 13, 2015.  The coordinated attacks were carried out simultaneously over several locations including the Bataclan theater, the Stade de France, and the Le Carillon french restaurant.

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Early reports coming in are indicating the casualties might exceed 150 people and increasing as news continue to come in.  France has closed their borders and declared a State of Emergency as a result of the Paris Attacks. More attacks could be imminent.

Follow all the latest news in real time live on Twitter with tweets tagged with hashtags related to the Paris terror attacks. Tweets tagged with these Paris terrorist attack hashtags are coming in by the second as news is constantly updating as these events in Paris are still unfolding.

Hashtags where you can follow the latest tweet news, videos, photos and updates concerning the terrorist attacks in Paris at Bataclan, outside of Paris at the Stade fe France, the Le Carillon restaurant and other locations:

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Paris Attacks Hashtags


#parisattacks: this is the main Paris attacks hashtag to follow on Twitter.


bataclan photos


#bataclan: follow the #Bataclan hashtag concert hall to get the latest real time tweets. Over 100 people have been killed at this concert hall theater.

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#bataclan Twitter Bataclan live tweets

#bataclan Twitter Bataclan photos 

#bataclan  Twitter Bataclan videos


Bataclan tweet


#stadedefrance: the Stade de France stadium hashtag

Stade de France photo inside

#stadedefrance: Twitter Stade de France live tweets

#stadedefrance: Twitter Stade de France live tweets

#stadedefrance: Twitter Stade de France live tweets


Other Paris Terror Attacks Twitter hashtags with live tweets related to the multiple Paris terrorist attacks:

#lecarillon: a popular restaurant for young people where one of the terrorist attacks occurred.

#paris: there have been reports of possibly 7 different terrorist attacks happening almost simultaneously around and in the city of Paris.

#terrorist: a coordinated attack in Paris by terrorists on what they are calling “soft targets”.

#isis: the Islamic State

#prayforparis:  people from around the world are tweeting their prays and sympathies for all the victims in the Paris Attacks.