#Porg Hashtag

The Porg is here. What’s a Porg you ask? A Porg is the new, cute character in the new Star Wars The Last Jedi movie.  Before you check out the latest Porg hashtag tweets here are some basic facts about the Porg:

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  1. Porgs are a type of sea-bird species that lives on the cliffs on islands on Ahch-To
  2. Porgs are native to the planet Ahch-To, the place where Luke Skywalker went into hiding
  3. A flock of Porgs is known as a “Murder”


#Porg hashtag on twitter


#porg:  here are the top Porg hashtag Twitter tweets.

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#porg:  get the latest real time Porg tweets tagged with the #porg hashtag. It is no surprise to see that the Porg is perfectly designed for Star Wars mechandising. There is already a nice variety of Porg plushie and toy tweets out there.

#porg:  Porg related people Twitter accounts.

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#porg:  want to know what a Porg looks like? Check out these Porg Twitter photos tagged with the porg hashtag.

#porg:  looking for Porg videos?  Here you can see the latest Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer tweets with the first appearance of the Porg and Chewbaca together.

#porg:  get the latest news on the new Star Wars Porg character.


What is the purpose or role of the new Porg character in the latest Star Wars movie?  Is the Porg’s presence purely for entertainment purposes? Or is there a more important role that the Porg will play?

It is important to note that the Star Wars franchise loves the idea that the “little guy” can bring down the most mightiest, bad dudes around. Remember the Ewoks?  Perhaps the Porgs will fulfill this role.  But for now, we can only speculate. Follow the #porg hashtag on Twitter right now to see what people are tweeting about these cute, wide-eyed fascinating little bird-like creatures.