Reaction on Twitter Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon Finals with Tweets and Hashtags

It took a monumental push through record setting heat which was a testament to his perseverance that Andy Murray  pulled off his first Wimbledon victory and became the first British player to win in 77 years. Who was the last British player to win Wimbledon? Fred Perry was the last to win since before World War 2 in 1936. That’s a long time.

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As you might expect the British took to Twitter to celebrate their exuberance with this victory. Andy Murray wins in three sets: 6/4, 7/5, and 6/4.

To follow all the latest Andy Murray Wimbledon victory on hashtags on Twitter:


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andy_murray: the official verified Twitter account of British tennis player Andy Murray with over 1.7 million followers and 1,400 tweets. His Twitter profile statement  on his header: “I play tennis” says it all. Any Murray was in the spotlight again for the second consecutive Wimbledon finals. He is now the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years.  Follow his latest tweets on his victory by following Andy Murray’s Twitter account now.



@wimbledon: the official Wimbledon Twitter account feed with over 680,000 followers and 11,800 tweets to date. Andy Murray wins Wimbledon; get the latest update tweets with news, links to articles, videos, press conferences, tennis great tweets, and pictures from center court.

@tennischannel: the official Twitter feed for the TennisChannel with over 69,000 followers and 5,800  tweets to date. This feed will be tweeting Wimbledon update tweets with scores, set totals, news and pictures of Andy Murray’s finals victory. This is a great feed with a more personal touch to their tweets.

@tennis: this Twitter feed the tweets all tennis. This is the Twitter account of with over 67,000 followers and almost 18,000 tweets to date. Get the latest news from Wimbledon and great links to articles. Latest tweets include the reaction all over the world to Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon victory and the first British victory in decades.

@tennis_updates: get up to the minute updates by following this tennis Twitter feed. This feed has over 34,000 tweets to date; get up to the second tweets on Andy Murray’s victory in the 2013 Wimbledon finals.