Reaction to Russian Meteor on Twitter with Tweets and Hashtags

This is not the sort of thing that comes around often. A 10 ton meteor (some say larger) breaks apart in the Earth’s atmosphere and crashes down on the surface of the Earth in a fireball path of destruction. And all of this was captured on cell phone videos, digital cameras, camcorders and personal accounts with many of it being tweeted on Twitter.

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You couldn’t ask for a more engaging trending topic on Twitter than the February 15th meteor that landed in the Russian Urals. The videos recorded by onlookers are just stunning.

If you thought Hollywood movies about asteroid impacts were too sensational then think again.  This was the real deal and Twitter was once again at the forefront of it all.

Here is a list of trending Russian Meteor hashtags on Twitter with a short description of what people are saying or tweeting about it now.

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now officials are tweeting the Russian meteor was bigger than first thought.


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People are tweeting about this event as well as other things like posting videos of a meteor that passed over San Francisco, new meteor footage, and other meteor shower events.


People all over the world are chiming in about the Russian meteor including some sarcastic comets about the 2012 end of the world coming 2 months later after December 21, 2012.


large asteroid is passing the Earth and will miss. However, the events in Russia have people worried.


tweeting some interesting facts here about the small asteroid that slammed into Russia such as the diameter being 16 yards wide, weighing 7,000 metric tons, and hitting the Earth’s atmosphere traveling over 40,000 mph. Also the blast was equivalent to over 300 kilotons of TNT. Amazing stuff.


Where is a picture of the impact crater for the Russian meteor for February 15th, 2013? There is a picture of a hole in Chebarkul Lake being tweeted on Twitter; just follow this link. Also, some interesting facts about how 200,000 square meters of glass was shattered, over 1,200 reported injured, and the top 5 videos posted on youtube concerning this natural event.



so why is this word trending? The Russian meteor wasn’t a comet.  Well, when you mention meteors and meteorites the topic of comets will come up eventually. Remember, one of these slammed into Jupiter years back and was captured on a time lapsed video. The devastation of the comet on Earth would have been catastrophic.


well, this is where it happened, in the Russian Urals. Latest tweets include videos and photos from the scene. One chunk of meteorite landed on a factory causing some major damage.


the meteor wasn’t detected?  The Armageddon people are out and about tweeting doomsday prophecy after the likes of this event.


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