Refreshing Locations To Help You Get Started With Yoga

If you are procrastinating with starting yoga just because you don’t know the right location, you’ve come to the right place!  I, too, had trouble getting started with yoga because I wasn’t sure where to begin.  Luckily, the places are easy to find, either because they are right under your nose, or because they are right at your fingertips!

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First of all, you have to decide if you want to exercise alone or with a group. One thing to remember about group sessions is that they are scheduled and are more formal than exercising on your own or with some friends, so the formality of your yoga session should play a factor in your decision, as well, especially because each class has its own difficulty level to it, and you will have to find a group or class that best suits you.  Finally, some group sessions cost a fee.

Along those same lines, you should decide whether or not you want to work out indoors or outdoors.  Two big deciders for indoor yoga vs. outdoor yoga are weather conditions, and whether or not you travel to your session.  For example, exercising at home means not having to travel anywhere.  Though, outdoor yoga folks may argue that travelling to your session is well worth the relaxing ambiance created by the beautiful natural settings that strengthen your yoga.

Beginning with the outdoors, there are a number of places you can find on your computer, particularly if you want to work out with a group that meets on a regular basis.  One thing to search up is a list of your local nature centers.  Most of them offer yoga sessions on their beautiful grounds.  Some names of various yoga sessions I have found on my internet searches are “Yoga Under the Oaks” and “Sunset Yoga”.  One thing to research is whether the session is free, or whether there is a very affordable fee.

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Other outdoor locations to search up are your city parks.  These, too, offer free or low-priced group sessions in a peaceful outdoor environment.  Or, you and some buddies could meet up on a regular basis and exercise together there, as well.  Or, if you like, you can take your yoga mat and exercise there amid the park-going people.

Another outdoor group session location can be found through your local parks and recreation group.  These sessions can also be found on the internet, and are also offered at a small cost.

Finally, for other outdoor yoga locations, alone or with others, there are your own local nature settings, like the beach.  This is a fun idea for when you travel.  You can relish the thought of exercising at a plethora of natural locales throughout your journeys!

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For a more formal group session situation, there are classes offered with yoga instructors in their studios or specified locations.

If you want to exercise indoors, and do not want something too formal, or if you are short on time and wish to set your own schedule, there are numerous Yoga DVDs available to use in your home.  In fact, most scheduled classes posted on the internet are an hour, but I have found yoga DVDs with 3-5 twenty-minute sessions for you to alternate for your own daily use.  In addition, DVDs are great for when the weather does not cooperate with your outdoor yoga sessions!

When all else fails, pull up your mat and find a spot in your own backyard!

So, hurry up and begin your yoga adventure, and soon you’ll be searching the web not just for where to get started, but for the most unusual, unique or creative yoga locations!