Slytherin on Facebook Timeline, Pinterest and Tweets with Hashtags on Twitter

Pottermore has finally opened its doors to the public with people filling the Great Hall everyday as new students get sorted into their respected houses. It goes without saying that one of the most popular and misunderstood houses is the House of Slytherin. If you are Slytherin through and through or happened to be sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore, or perhaps not, then please read this post further.

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When it comes to finding a fan base of Slytherin enthusiasts to follow or interact with you need to look no further than these 3 popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I’ve searched these sites extensively and found some of the best examples of Slytherin tribute pages generated from fans all around the world.

Each social networking site has something different and unique to offer to the world of Slytherins. With the new Facebook Timeline fans of Slytherins can get all the latest Harry Potter and Pottermore news and information via posts and comments. On Twitter it’s all about following popular Slytherin hashtags and tweets. Tweets sometimes link to important articles and images related to your favorite topics.  Pinterest, the new kid on the block, offers a growing and interesting collection of Slytherin related images collected by fans across the Internet and pined up on popular pinboards.

If your Slytherin or not but admit this is your favorite house than I hope you enjoy this nice collection of Slytherin related social networking websites.

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Slytherin on the new Facebook Timeline

Sponsored Links with over 20,800 likes the new Slytherin Timeline’s latest posts include Professor Binns History of Magic Class, a tribute to Serverus Snape, Harry Potter RPG, Sorting Hat House Quiz, Quidditch and much more. the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with over 21,ooo likes has their new Timeline up with recent posts like a wishing you well getting into the Slytherin house in Pottermore, Your Hogwarts Experience, and other Slytherin news. funny intro to this Facebook page: no other house is allowed to like this page. Recent posts on the Slytherin Rules Timeline include Slytherin fan posts, other Slytherin fan pages and more. another Slytherin Fanpage which has over 5,700 likes with recent posts on their new Timeline such as news,  Pottermore crests, and other Pottermore related stuff. a Facebook fan page dedicated to the Slytherin house in Pottermore with over 3,200 likes. A lot of activity on this new Timeline page with lots of images and pictures about Pottermore and of course Harry Potter.

Facebook/SnapBAMF: another Slytherin Facebook fan page with almost 30,000 likes.  Although not a specific Slytherin house tribute page the SnapBAMF is a general Harry Potter fan page with plenty of Harry Potter posts including the latest on Pottermore.




Slytherin on Pinterest  there are 85 pins on this Slytherin pinboard with some very cool Slytherin outfit pics, wardrobes, drawings, shoes, tribute to Tom Felton and Draco Malfoy, house inspired nails, hats, sexy outfits, motos and sayings, necklace and a beautiful house pendant.  There are many more Slytherin pictures here so take a look around this pinboard. Even if your not Slytherin you won’t be disappointed. another great pinboard dedicated to Slytherin and Harry Potter in general with 486 current pins and 300 followers. You’ll find a splattering of almost everything here including a complete house evaluation about Slytherin, scenes and characters representing Slytherin and the other houses, Pottermore, artwork, outfits, wallpapers, humorous sayings, parody and lots more. this pinboard has some nice Slytherin sayings, mottos, images and drawings with over 260 followers and 62 pins. There are some general Harry Potter pictures as well.


Slytherin on Twitter

@SlytherinWorld: this official Twitter account has almost 10,000 followers and over 5,800 tweets to date. Tweets daily quotes that only can be from a Slytherin using the #slytherin hashtag.

@SlytherinElite: the official Twitter account of with over 16,300 tweets and over 5,400 followers to date. An entertaining Twitter account that tweets daily trivia questions for house points.

@SlytherinKids: another fan Twitter account dedicated to the Slytherin house with over 4,500 followers and 3,500 tweets to date.

Slytherin, Harry Potter and Pottermore related Hashtags








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