Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Social Media Guide

With the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, finally out the social media world is a buzz with tweets, comments, pictures, videos, articles and other chatter related to the entire Star Wars universe.

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How can anyone keep track of it all? Well, on Tweeting you can follow all the latest tidbits of information coming from various popular social media sites all in one place. You can find it all here, including links to Twitter tweets tagged with The Force Awakens hashtag in real time, official Facebook pages related to the movie, Instagram, Star Wars The Force Awakens Pinterest Pinboards, Google Plus page, Vine videos, and Tumblr.

Enjoy and May The Force Be With You!



Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Social Media Guide




Star Wars The Force Awakens on Facebook

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 Star Wars Facebook


1. this is the official Star Wars Facebook page with over 15 million likes. Get the latest news and reactions to the new Star Wars The Force Awakens with posts, pictures and videos and of course comments.


The Forace Awakens Facebook Fan Page

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2. the ultimate Star Wars The Force Awakens Facebook Community Fan Site with over a half million likes. With the dawn of the new Star Wars series of movies under the ownership of The Walt Disney Company and beginning with the first movie under the direction of JJ Abrams there will be a lot of new story lines and characters. This is a great Facebook fan page to keep you abreast of all the latest Star Wars The Force Awakens Facebook news and fan reaction with posts of all types related to The Force Awakens.



Star Wars Twitter


The Force Awakens on Twitter 


3.   @starwars: this is the official Twitter account of Star Wars reaching almost 2 million followers. Star Wars is back with the latest installment in The Force Awakens. Get all the latest news, photos, and videos plus tweets and replies- Star Wars The Force Awakens Retweeted.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Twitter


4.   @EpisodeVII:  tweets are starting to come in rapidly as The Star Wars Awakens movie hits the theaters. Tweets include the latest on images and reactions to the movie, behind the scenes links to videos, the latest merchandise, and links to articles.


Twitter Force Awakens



The Force Awakens on Instagram the official Star Wars Instagram page with over 2 million followers.

Instagram The Force Awakens

#theforceawakens: follow The Force Awakens Instagram hashtag with over 500,000 posts.

The Force Awakens Instagram Picture


The Force Awakens on Pinterest enjoy all the The Force Awakens latest images on the Pinterest explore Star Wars pinboard.


The Force Awakens Pinterest there are over 500 pins on this dedicated The Force Awakens pinboard including popular magazine covers, latest videos movie segments, movie poster images, Topps cards, promotional images, character costumes, character illustrations and other artwork. If your a fan of the new The Force Awakens then you’ll love this must see pinboard.

 The Force Awakens Pin



The Force Awakens on Google +

Google+: this is the Google + official Star Wars page with over 4.4 million followers and over 211 million page views. Amazing!  Latest posts include shared content from which include videos, articles, behind the scenes info, images, trivia, and practically everything else related to Star Wars The Force Awakens.


The Force Awakens Google Plus



The Force Awakens on Vine

#theforceawakens: follow The Force Awakens hashtag (#theforceawakens) on Vine for all the latest short looping Vine videos.


The Force Awakens on Tumblr

Tumblr: follow The Force Awakens tag on Tumblr under the #theforceawakens hashtag

The Force Awakens Tumblr enjoy this fan made Tumblr for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.


The Force Awakens Tumblr Image



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