Stencil Ideas Pinterest Pinboards for Rug, Carpet and Floor

Stenciling a carpet, rug or floor can be just the thing to liven up your home or patio!  It’s simple to do for the DIYers, and, in some instances, you can hire a local artist if you want to take it to the next level.  Stenciling appeals to all kinds of folks because it deals with various stencil styles and patterns, surface textures, and colors, colors, colors!

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Visiting these 3 Stenciling a Carpet, Rug or Floor Pinterest Pinboards, and a Cool Bonus Pinboard can help you make up your mind about stenciling in your home.  I bet once you start stenciling, though, you won’t be able to stop!


Stencil Ideas Pinterest Pinboards for Rug, Carpet and floor




1 this first Stenciling a Carpet, Rug or Floor Pinterest Pinboard offers some great advice and images for you to get ideas for stenciling in your home.  There are numerous DIY tips and tutorials for you to check out. Come learn how to paint a sisal rug in the Moroccan pattern, or come view how one person used  Vintage Katazome fabric, traditional Japanese stencil & paste.  You’ll really love this excellent pinboard – come see for yourself!

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skylar's lace stenciling



beautiful wood floor stenciling



moroccan trelis stenciled floor runner


  • Find a solid color rug on the cheap and grab a stencil and some paint.
  • DIY Stencil Pinterest Pin-How to paint a sisal rug in Moroccan pattern.
  • “Bee” utiful DIY Porch Rug, with easy instructions for stenciling.
  • Painted and stenciled floors are such an amazing, inexpensive way to get beautiful floors.
  • If you’ve ever thought about painting your own floors, check out these tips to get the answers!
  • This is a fantastic way to inexpensively take care of floors that are in rough shape!
  • Turn a basic rug into a patterned rug with a little paint and dedication.
  • Using Modello® Designs Masking Stencils and Skimstone to create a fabulous concrete floor!
  • Modello Designs vinyl stencil patterns are used to create a rug look on a wood floor.
  • Vintage Katazome fabric, traditional Japanese stencil & paste.
  • How about a stenciled rug on concrete to liven up your outdoor space?
  • How to Stencil a Rug – this is an easy, inexpensive way to add color and pattern to your room.
  • Gray geometric Fallon rug from Surya.
  • Give your floor a boost by using paint and stencils to create a personalized floorcloth.


beautiful stenciled design on floor


before and after carpet stenciling


stencil the bathroom floor



2.  this is a spectacular Stenciling a Carpet, Rug or Floor Pinterest Pinboard!  It shows many examples of elegant floors and carpets painted and stenciled by experts, and it shows how you can paint like one, or perhaps you may want to locate a local artist to paint and stencil your floor, rug or carpet for you. Come visit this lovely pinboard and see!


gorgeous stenciled floor


pretty painted stenciled patio floor


modelo designs stenciling


  • Decorate your garage floor with concrete floor stencils.
  • Paint your outside patio with a stenciled concrete floor finish.
  • Laundry Room Makeover with Concrete Floor Stencils
  • Raj Trellis Indian Wall Stencil
  • Endless Moorish Circles – Moroccan Design
  • “Octagon and dot” bathroom tile treatment with SkimStone over existing concrete floor.
  • Modello stencil and Skimstone to decorate an outdoor concrete patio porch.
  • Palace Trellis Moroccan Stencil | Royal Design Studio
  • Using Modello Designs Masking Stencils and Skimstone to create a fabulous concrete floor!
  • Prettied up concrete studio floor by stenciling Acanthus Trellis pattern.
  • Amazing, colorful artistry on concrete by Grace Designs with a custom Modello Concrete Carpet pattern.
  • Royal Design stencils done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a concrete floor


gorgeous floor stenciled



stenciled patio floor


3.  this is a fantastic Stenciling a Carpet, Rug or Floor Pinterest Pinboard! There are so many pins with tips and tutorials, and so many examples of DIY stenciling projects!  You’ll flip when you see this terrific pinboard!


how to stencil a carpet


create a faux rug with paint



painted rug on vinyl


  • DIY Painted Rug – Navajo Aztec Pattern
  • Paint a plain rug to create a custom design that matches your home decor and style!
  • How to stencil a hardwood floor – and what NOT to do – Contempo Trellis stencil.
  • How to paint a cheap rug and it make it look like an expensive one!
  • 10 gorgeous inexpensive DIY rugs. A must see!
  • The 8 best neutral paint colors that’ll work in any home.
  • 17 Painted Rug Tutorials
  • 25 creative ways to get the perfect DIY rug for your home using paint, dye, rope, and other materials!
  • This DIY painted rug is bright and colorful with a kilim-style pattern.
  • Painter’s Drop Cloths: Create a Simple Summer Floor Cloth
  • How to paint a Bamboo Rug.
  • Thrifty, practical and chic: beautiful painted Persian rug.
  • How to paint the yard lines on your child’s football-themed carpet.
  • Brush Mod Podge along edges of painter’s tape before painting dropcloth to stop paint seepage under tape.
  • Tips for rug painting.
  • How to create a faux rug with paint on concrete.
  • Just follow these instructions using our Moroccan Key stencil to stencil a rug perfectly!


diy chevron painted carpet



painter's drop cloth



kilim style pattern carpet painting

BONUS:  this Bonus Stenciling a Carpet, Rug or Floor Pinterest Pinboard offers tons of How-To’s for you to explore!  In addition, there are many mentions of different types of stencil styles for you to examine.  This pinboard is so full of examples of stenciling that you won’t leave disappointed!


kaleidoscope stars stencil style


  • The Hottest Home Décor Trend: Stenciled Stairs – 14 DIY Ideas using Royal Design Studio Stencils!
  • Pinterest Idea Pins-10 Stenciled Floor Makeovers
  • Top 6 Favorite DIY Stencil How To’s of the Year You Need to See and Try Yourself!
  • 13 Floor to Ceiling Transformations with Lisboa Tile Stencils from Royal Design Studio
  • 11 DIY Outdoor Stencil Projects for Summertime Fun
  • How to paint a concrete floor with stencils.
  • How We Stencil a Floor – Easy DIY Floor Makeover using Chez Ali Moroccan Stencils
  • How to stencil an IKEA rug with an Ikat stencil.
  • Floor stencils have this tiled bathroom makeover covered!
  • Chalk Paint Stenciled Floor Cloth using Royal Design Studio Stencils
  • Large Porch with Stenciled Concrete Floor Finishes
  • Endless Moorish Circles Stencil on Fabric Shower Curtain and Bath Floor – Statt Hotel Germany
  • Stencil concrete and your laundry room with Royal Design Studio stencils! Kaleidoscope Stars.


endless moorish circles stencil style



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