Stenciling Ideas For The Home Pinterest Pinboards

One trend that has emerged is stenciling in the home, walls and ceilings, as well as just about any thing you can think of, like curtains and tablecloths, and other drop cloth items, as well as furniture, door frames, you name it!  And, the great thing about stenciling is that you can DIY it, or you can hire a local artist!

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Plus, depending on your skills during a DIY job, you can be more understated and simple, or super elaborate with intricate designs.  Colors come into play.  You can paint with one color on a solid background, or you can paint in every single, colorful detail!  Hurry in and take a look at these Top 3 Stenciling Ideas for the Home Pinterest Pinboards!  See what great ideas you can discover!


1.  this is a fantastic Stenciling Ideas for The Home Pinterest Pinboard. There is a wealth of information on how to decorate using stencils and drop cloth for curtains and tablecloths, as well as some wall and rug ideas.  Come see the various patterns presented here for you!


stenciling a curtain


stenciling a drop cloth curtain


  • Stenciled Curtains From Drop Cloths
  • Design on a budget: canvas drop cloths as curtains!
  • DIY Stencils Pinterest Pin-Drop cloth pillow covers
  • French Bee Trellis Stencil from Royal Designs Studio
  • Drop cloth curtain tutorials
  • Yellow painted floor cloth brightens up the kitchen.
  • How to Stencil Curtains
  • 10 Inspirational Drop Cloth Projects
  • See how to make these textured Painted Drop Cloth Covered Letters.
  • These stenciled curtains are simple to do.
  • Make your own tablecloth using acrylic paint and a painter’s drop cloth.
  • How to make picnic blankets from painted drop cloths.
  • Give curtains more style by adding a beautiful design with a stencil and some craft paint.


blue medallions drop cloth rug


painted and stenciled rug

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2.  there are many colors and styles depicted in this Stenciling Ideas For The Home Pinterest Pinboard!  If you take a look here, you’ll find lots of examples of how to stencil items in your home, like curtains, walls, and ceilings, as well as more individual items like your shower curtain or a piano bench.  The collection of stencil patterns on this brilliant pinboard will WOW you!  Come see for yourself!


stenciled flowers on wall


stenciled shower curtain



stenciled piano bench


  • How to Dye and Stencil Curtains Using Chalk Paint
  • DIY: 1 Curtain 3 Ways Using a stencil on plain white curtains
  • Frugal stenciled curtains
  • These stenciled curtains are awesome and make such a statement in an otherwise boring room!
  • Cutting Edge Stencils shares a budget friendly makeover with Harlequin Trellis stenciled curtains.
  • 98 ways to stencil everything!
  • How to stencil a burlap canvas, add ribbon and embellish with crystals for an adorable showpiece!
  • Add shapes and textures as an accent wall instead of an additional color!
  • Tutorial: how to make paper stencils when you can’t make them from acrylic, fun foam, or Tyvek.
  • A DIY bedroom accent wall using a silver metallic and the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil.
  • Tassel, stenciled medallions, textured paint, artfully arranged drapes – great way to frame the window!
  • A Different Look: Layered Curtains – Stenciled Sheer Curtains on Hooks Behind Solid Color
  • Same shape, just different opacity makes for an interesting all over pattern.
  • Beautiful gold leaf ceiling – Distressed Gold Inlay technique with a Modello masking stencil.
  • Geometric Roman Shades.
  • Provence blue and gray walls and a gold stencil for a more grown-up look.
  • Revamping your headboard with fabric, paint, stencils, bamboo is a simple way to add pizzazz to the bedroom!
  • “Frosted” Privacy Window Tutorial – made using contact paper & a stencil.

tassle and stenciled medalion

wall stenciling gold accents
stenciled stars on the ceiling


3. this Stenciling Ideas For the Home Pinterest Pinboard is the place for intricate and elaborate wall stenciling!  From Antoinette Damask and Aragon Damask patterns to Moroccan patterns to Shibori Japanese and traditional Otomi patterns, you will find a myriad of designs to choose from here.  And, be on the lookout for all of the Royal Studio Design Stencils!  Stop by and browse through this awesome pinboard!


stencil moroccan dreams wall art




little girl's pink stenciled bedroom




aragon damask stencil


  • DIY Vintage Style Home Decor Ideas with the Antoinette Damask Stencils
  • Asian and Oriental Decor with Large Geometric Wall Design – Shibori Japanese Wall Stencils
  • 16 Metallic Gold Painted Room Makeover Ideas using Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils
  • DIY Stenciled and Painted Archway with Tile / Border Stencils
  • Grenadine trellis raven + lily wall stencil
  • How to stencil Pinterest Pin-a wall with traditional otomi patterns.
  • DIY wallpaper look using intricate allover Aragon Damask Tile Wall Stencils
  • Modern Mid-Century Room Makeover and Stenciled Accent Wall – Royal Design Studio
  • Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils
  • Elegant Metallic DIY Canvas Wall Art – Royal Design Studio – Fabric Damask Wall Stencils
  • Decorating a Little Girl’s Dream Room with Wall Stencils – Royal Design Studio
  • How to stencil Moroccan Dreams wall art
  • Romantic Lace Stencils and Colorful Decor – Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils for Kids Rooms
  • Apartment therapy loves all the ways wall stencils can decorate a room.


beautiful stenciled archway



antoinette damask wall stencil



shibori japanese wall stencil



BONUS Pinboard:  this Bonus Stenciling Ideas for the Home Pinterest Pinboard offers a huge assortment of stencil patterns for you to see!  There are numerous paisley patterns, as well as floral ones, and bird and tree silhouettes. Again, this pinboard presents many stenciled walls and ceilings, but suggests that other things can be stenciled as well.  Come have fun looking through this Bonus pinboard!


paisley stencil
various stencil patterns

  • Stenciled ceiling medallion
  • Maison Blanche makes Glacage which can be used to make lovely raised patterns through stencils.
  • Free stencil patterns Pinterest Pin
  • Stencil patterns just for you!
  • A DIY stenciled bathroom using the Zamira Allover stencil.
  • Filigree Medallion stencil
  • Wall stenciled in a clear gloss over the wall paint.
  • Tree Silhouette
  • Just how versatile a stencil can be.
  • Cutting edge stencil – Zamira
  • Adventures in wall stenciling
  • Ceiling stencil
  • Paisley Shape Stencil

intricate ceiling stencil



beautiful wall stencil