The Best Christmas Ornament Ideas on Pinterest

Everyone’s Christmas ornament boxed collection is unique. Many people have a hodge- arrangement of standard colorful ornaments with the occasional odd or personalized ones scattered about. While many others have beautiful thematic collections such as nativity, colored themes, vintage, homemade, kid-themed and other material related themes (wood, tin, glass, etc..)

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Here are some popular Christmas ornament idea Pinterest pinboards I’ve discovered recently that are packed with ornament ideas, tutorials, DIY instructions, theme ideas, using recycled materials, homemade projects, and unique designs.

The Best Christmas Ornament Ideas on Pinterest


1. there are over 2,800 Christmas ornament pins on this popular board with over 4,000 followers. You can get plenty of ideas on this pinboard. Here are just a few to get you inspired:


DIY clay ornament instructions

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craft stick Christmas ornaments

  • DIY clay ornaments Pinterest pin
  • angel with beads
  • felt hearts
  • vintage mini sled
  • photo album ornament tutorial
  • candy cane elves
  • snowman
  • Victorian Christmas
  • Christmas balls
  • dragonfly charm
  • dollar store candy cane
  • old thread and wood Christmas
  • felt gingerbread house
  • snow owl
  • angel in the moon
  • craft stick ornament ideas


2. this eye-popping pinboard has 999 pins of some of the most unique homemade ornaments you will find all in one place. You can get lots of ideas here. Take a look at these standouts:


unique Christmas ornament ideas

  • snowman
  • music tophats
  • felt ornament craft projects
  • DIY paper stars
  • birdcage ornament tutorial
  • add some Christmas bling
  • handmade glitter ornaments
  • handpainted ideas
  • vintage spool
  • beautiful handmade ornament ideas
  • hardened dough ornaments
  • burnt out Christmas light bulbs dipped in glue/glitter
  • DIY crayon drip
  • paperclip angel
  • bottle cap designs
  • recycled craft ideas
  • greenhouse (these are wonderful-have to see)
  • nativity ornament tutorial


3. this is a great board for Christmas DIY ornaments. There are over 470 pins showcasing some wonderful ornament images and ideas. Some featured examples include the following:

Christmas light bulb ornament ideas

  • owl Christmas ornaments light bulbs
  • sparkly paper design
  • DIY confetti
  • beautiful hand-painted colored designs
  • recycled
  • 39 clever ways to decorate a glass ornament
  • glamorous rhinestones
  • glitter galaxy
  • snowflake glitter
  • 38 clever homemade ornament ideas and designs
  • glass float
  • Wow! Dr. Who Tardis Christmas ornaments
  • monogram
  • snowball tree bulb
  • chic bottle design
  • mod podge on clear plastic


4. here is the Christmas Ornament DIY Exchange Pinterest pinboard with over 2,000 pins.  There are some wonderful and unique ideas presented here including some helpful DIY tutorials, instructional visual guides, and links to “how to” articles.  Here are some of my favorite pins I’ve listed on this board:


DIY ornament tutorial

                                                                               DIY ornament steps


















  • “how-to” Charlie Brown ornaments
  • 36 DIY ornaments you can make with kids
  • silhouette design
  • vintage wooden spool
  • snowflake cutout patterns
  • stained glass
  • glitter twine ball tutorial
  • melted crayon
  • 20 kid made ornaments
  • country style
  • cute felt angels
  • how to fold paper stars tutorial
  • DIY felt ornaments
  • Santa tutorial
  • button designs
  • super heroes for kids
  • wire and bead designs


5. this is a great pinboard to close out this post and what a board it is. There are over 4,000 craft-Christmas ornament ideas collected here. There are way too many to list but I’ve listed a few of these standouts:


painted spoon ornament idea

hanging CD Christmas ornaments

  • initials ornaments
  • snowman
  • white swirls and beads
  • hand painted
  • antique inspired
  • hand-painted glass
  • deco-art
  • handprint
  • DIY mosaic
  • 3D star tutorial and templates
  • recycled CDs
  • decoupage
  • tree bulb Santa
  • make your own tin craft stars
  • more holiday light bulb ornaments Pinterest designs 
  • free ornament cut-outs and patterns
  • photo theme
  • painted spoons



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