The Best Total Solar Eclipse Websites

August 21, 2017 will be an extraordinary day. This will be the first time in decades that there will be a total solar eclipse. These come around every couple of decades. ┬áIn fact the next one won’t arrive until 2045. To help prepare for this phenomenon and once in a generation event take a look at the Best Total Solar Eclipse Websites on the Internet.

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The Best Total Solar Eclipse Websites appropriately named, website has a lot of features that are geared for this event. Here’s some information you will find covering the Total Solar Eclipse on

  • When, Where and How to See the Total Solar Eclipse
  • A Full Map of the United States Showing the Path of Totality
  • Facts About Solar Eclipses and Other Information
  • Best Locations for Total Solar Eclipse Visibility
  • How Long Will the Total Solar Eclipse Last
  • Equipment for Viewing Solar Eclipse


Eclipse2017.NASA.Gov: this is part of NASA’s own website. What better place to visit to get all the information you need on a Total Solar Eclipse. has a lot to offer on their website including the following:

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  • Who? What? Where? When? and How?
  • Facts About a Total Solar Eclipse
  • When and Where Can You See the Totality
  • Safety Tips Observing the Sun I love this site. It has a lot of everything here related to eclipses. The site has a blog where you can read updated articles, there are maps to view, background on the histories of eclipses, a shop and lots more. You might want to read some of these articles on this website:

  • Best Places to See the Total Solar Eclipse
  • Total Solar Eclipse Path of Totality
  • Eclipse Basics
  • Animation Gallery
  • Desktop Background Maps time and dates are what this place is all about. Give some of these features a look:

  • What is Solar Eclipse
  • Complete Solar Eclipse 5 Phases
  • Solar Eclipse Safety Guidelines
  • Unique Sights Around Totality
  • The Science of Total Solar Eclipses
  • Upcoming 5 Total Solar Eclipses


CNN: CNN is anther great resource covering the Total Solar Eclipse. CNN will give you comprehensive coverage that covers all aspects of this event.

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