The Clash in Cotai Fight Rios vs Pacquiao Hashtag Reaction on Twitter

This fight is no doubt a defining moment for Manny Pacquiao as he tries to resuscitate his boxing career after losing to Juan Manuel Marque last December. The Philippines and the recent typhoon Haiyan catastrophe must be weighing heavily on Pacquiao’s mind as well as the people of the Philippines.

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But the fight that will determine the 2013 international welterweight title belt between Rios and Pacquiao could also be an uplifting, spirited moment for the people of the Philippines as they cope with recovering from the sever decimation of many of their beloved regions, including Pacquiao’s own region, Sarangani, in which he presides as congressmen.

Rios is coming into this fight as an underdog but has one thing going for him. His up front, relentless style will most surely put some pressure on Pacquiao from the get go. If Pacquiao can weather the storm look for Pacman to send a message about false rumors of his early retirement to rest with some late round domination.

Most boxing experts have Pacquiao winning this fight, but need not forget that if he were to lose it could spell the end of his career. At least in the welterweight division.

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The Clash in Cotai fight between Rios and Pacquiao can be most effectively followed in real time on social media sites like Twitter. Even if you are enjoying the pay-per-view entertainment package at your home or friends house you can still follow closely what people are tweeting in real time during every round, punch and knock-out. Tweets will be coming in seconds so hang on. It’s fun.

Below are many Pacquiao and Rios related hashtags that are linked from to all the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Vine.

Just click on a hashtag and select your social media platform to follow. Also, if you didn’t see the fight find out who won the fight on Twitter between Rios and Pacquiao. Follow as many as you like and be sure to come back to check out more these hashtags even after the fight.

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hashtag, this is the main hashtag to follow as pacquiao takes on Bam Bam Rios.







the main event hashtag









the people of the Philippines will be watching this fight closely.



















the name of the title event















Pacquiao is the fighter of the decade






















What are your thoughts on the Rios vs Pacquiao fight? Who wins the Rio vs Pacquiao fight? What will be the rounds won and lost, final scorecard?  Will there be a knock out, split decision? Please comment on this fight in the comment box below: