The Complete Breaking Bad Hashtag, Tweet and Twitter Guide

Voted the best drama on TV in 2013 the popular series Breaking Bad is sadly ending with their final episode on September 29th. It’s been a fun ride for many of us Breaking Bad fans but all good things must come to an end.

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But not all is bad. With talk of a possible Breaking Bad spin-off in the works people will surely be pleased to catch their favorite episodes forever captured on DVD or aired in syndication.

Meanwhile the show must go and Twitter is the place to follow all the action in real time even while your watching your favorite episodes.

Click on any of the following Breaking Bad hashtags linked to Twitter below of your favorite characters or subject matter and see lots of tweets coming in by the seconds. It’s a great way to follow pre and post Breaking Bad reaction.


Breaking Bad Twitter Accounts: 

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@BreakingBad_AMC: the official verified Twitter account of the AMC’s TV series Breaking Bad with over 648,000 followers and over 3,300 tweets by the last and final episode. People are tweeting farewell messages as the show ends. Other tweets include the Breaking Bad marathon and post reaction to the show from the AMC creators.

@BryanCranston: the official verified Twitter account of Bryan Cranston with over 800,000 followers. See what Bryan Cranston tweets on Twitter after the final episode of Breaking Bad and any possible news of a spin-off.

@aaronpaul_8: Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman has over 1.1 million followers at the time of this last show. Check out tweets from Aaron Paul’s Twitter verified Twitter account now.

@BreakingBadNews: here is a great Breaking Bad Twitter feed with over 5,400 tweets. Latest tweets include people’s reaction to the final episode and the past Breaking Bad marathon.

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Breaking Bad Twitter Hashtags:











#Felina hashtag









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